How to Tell if a Woman is Faking an Orgasm…

Woman and man before sex

How to Tell if a Woman is Faking an Orgasm……As television evolves and friends are less able to keep a secret, men are now privy to all types of information. This includes the information revolving around a woman having to fake an orgasm from time to time or maybe even all the time. The very thought of your woman faking an orgasm makes you skin crawl, we know. However, the truth behind the stories and documentaries are sadly, true!


Sure, you hear the moaning and groaning, but is there anything really behind it. Unfortunately, women are harder to please than men in the bedroom and even harder to tell if they ever actually climax. There is no specific way to tell if she is cumming or not, but there are a few signs that may help you better feel whether or not she is. Very few woman actually have something that secrets from her vagina as she cums. Unlike men, you can rarely tell by anything physical that a woman has reached her climax.



The best way to gauge whether or not your partner is actually having an orgasm is to feel for it. The moaning is a nice addition to any orgasm and definitely enhances the mood, but is no way to judge an orgasm. When a woman reaches her climax, you will feel her insides differently. They will likely squeeze your penis while inside of her. When her insides do this to you, you will know it. It is a sensational and overwhelming feeling to endure.


Though, you may hear moaning and groaning throughout the entire time you are engaging in sex, this does not mean she is having a constant or multiple orgasms. In fact, she may not have any at all. Sure, she is moaning and groaning due to the fact that you feel good, but that doesn’t mean that you can make her cum. Judge by the way she feels inside.


There are a few other things that may help to tell if she is faking an orgasm or not, though they are not necessarily consistent. Signs like, thighs jumping, sensitive vagina and/or she is extremely sleepy may prove to be a success.


Generally, women can not control what their vagina does as they orgasm, but sadly, some women can. This only makes it harder for you to judge. A woman knows her vagina and she knows it well. Some even know how to make it squeeze around your penis at the most opportune times. That’s right, she can play games with you and your emotions at this point.


Also, some women are ashamed of the fact that they can not reach climax during sex. They don’t want you to feel as though something is wrong with your delivery, so they fake it to protect themselves. It is embarrassing to them. You may feel amazing to her, yet she is unable to reach her climax.


Some women have never actually had an orgasm and are ashamed so they will fake the entire process. They mimic what they may have seen on television, the internet or what they may have overheard previously; just to act as though, she has had an orgasm. Again, this is something many women are extremely sensitive to and often try to hide.


In all actuality, when it comes to women, there is no real way to tell if she actually reaches her climax. You can only trust in what you are feeling and if asked, what she replies with. It is easier to let yourself believe when you are in the moment than to rack your brain with endless thoughts of, should have, could have and would haves. You will only make sex a job duty and less exciting. Enjoy your woman and the act for which you are engaging in. Don’t take all the fun out of it, wondering if she is really having an orgasm or not; you will never really be able to tell.