How to Tell If A Guy Doesn’t Like You: 10 Signs to Know He Is Not Interested

Bad boy and his girlfriend

How to Tell If A Guy Doesn’t Like You: 10 Signs to Know He Is Not Interested ……It is hard to believe, but it has been nearly a decade since the brutally honest Greg Behart may have set you straight on how to tell if a guy doesn’t like you-giving you a glimpse into the male brain with more than ten signs to know if he is not interested-in his bestselling book, He’s Just Not That Into You.


If you missed the book or movie, don’t despair. You don’t have to waste anymore time considering the wrong men for a serious relationship if you understand the Cliff Notes version of how a man acts when he is not romantically interested. Ten signs to clue you in on how he really feels about you are as follows.


In essence, he doesn’t like you (like that) if:


  1. He is not responding to you. If you are calling, emailing, and texting a guy, and it becomes clear that responding to you is not a priority, you should not even have to ask the does-he-like-you-question. If a man is interested, he will make that clear to you. He will look forward to any contact from you and find every opportunity to respond—no matter how busy he may be.
  2. He is not calling you. Sure, there are many men who prefer the convenience of texting to calling a woman they are dating, and he may not be “a phone person”. However, if he were falling for you, he’d want to hear your voice as much as possible.
  3. He doesn’t want to hang out with you during the day. If the guy you are “dating” only wants to see you when it is dark out, he is probably only interested in getting you in between the sheets. If he was considering you to be his girlfriend, he would want to spend time getting to know you in a different context—in public and in daylight.
  4. He won’t introduce you to his friends. Nearly all men want their friends to approve of the girl that they are dating. If he doesn’t care to introduce you to his friends after a couple months of seeing each other, he probably doesn’t care about dating you for the long term.
  5. He can’t commit to plans. A guy who wants to be with you will ask you out in advance to ensure that he will have the chance to see you. If he can never plan in ahead of time, you may just be his Plan B. If you are initiating plans and he is consistently turning them down, this may be one of the strongest ten signs to know that he is not interested.
  6. He says he is not looking for anything serious. When a man tells you that he does not want a girlfriend, you should believe him. He is either not in the right frame of mind/time in his life or he is not looking for anything serious with you. Either way, don’t ignore this sign and think you can change his mind.
  7. He puts minimal effort into dates. If he is not trying to impress you, it hasn’t occurred to him that you are worth impressing! If all he can do is make vague last minute plans that require spending little energy and money, consider this a major clue in figuring out how to tell if he doesn’t like you.
  8. He doesn’t acknowledge holidays. If it is a major holiday and he is not wishing you a happy one-let alone asking you to spend it with him-he is definitely not thinking of you as girlfriend material. Men know that the holidays are important to women. If he isn’t acknowledging them, it is because he doesn’t want the relationship to get anymore serious.
  9. He isn’t initiating sex. All guys want to have sex with a woman they are attracted to—unless they are saving themselves for marriage, of course. If he is not trying to sleep with you, he sees you as a platonic friend. Period.
  10. He is seeing other women. If a guy lets you know that he talks to and dates other women, he is probably sleeping with them too. If he’s so involved with other women, he can’t be so interested in committing to you. If he was really into you, he would only be seeing you.


Above all, figuring out how to tell if a guy doesn’t like you is a lot easier than cracking an unsolved mystery. If you are serious about finding a long term, healthy, and happy relationship, you must keep in mind the ten signs to know that he is not interested so you avoid getting involved with a Mr. Wrong. Always remember that if a guy really likes you, you’ll know about it!