How To Tell A Woman She’s Bad In Bed

Unhappy couple because of sex life

She’s beautiful, she’s funny, and the two of you get along great.

After a few dates, you really think you could be with this girl.  The time comes to do the deed, and you can’t wait to show her your stuff.  Unfortunately, her moves aren’t that great.  You’re devastated.  You don’t know what to do.  You need a woman who can let herself go in the bedroom.  How could someone so awesome be so bad in bed?  Don’t fret my dear friend; there is still hope for you.


 I would go about this very carefully.

How would you feel if someone said to you that you were terrible in bed?  Better yet, how would you feel if someone you really liked told you that you were terrible in bed?  This is a touchy subject, and if you are very direct in your words you’ll probably hurt her feelings.  The best way to go about this is by pointing out her strengths.  I assume she’s a good kisser because you wouldn’t have slept with her if she were a terrible kisser.  So, you should start the conversation off by telling her how much you love kissing her.  Talk about her lips, her tongue, and her mouth.  Nothing will get her hotter than listening to you tell her how kissing her turns you on.


Continue to focus on her mouth, and tell her what you would like her to do with it. 

Use your power of direction to teach her how to please you.  Tell her how you would like her body to move while the two of you are together.  Ask her to place her hands all over you.  If you present the situation in an encouraging way your woman be more open to it.  If she hears that by doing these things she’ll be making you happy then she will gladly do them.


 Don’t be overly critical of some of the things she does.

Instead, suggest ways for her to perform certain sexual tasks in a way that you’ll enjoy them.  If she is good with the constructive criticism she will take the lesson.  Being negative and critical when it comes to the bedroom will feel like a personal jab.  If while giving her suggestions she’s reluctant… give it time.  Don’t start suggesting anything super kinky at the beginning of your relationship.  She might go running for the hills.  Part of her inability to fully perform in bed might have to do with the fact that she’s not 100% comfortable with you.  Give her a few chances to prove herself, and continue to grow closer to her.  The more she feels at ease the more likely she’ll open up in the bedroom.


If over time the two of you aren’t sexually compatible, then maybe you should rethink pursuing the relationship.

Sex is an important part of any relationship, and if the two of you aren’t compatible it will cause problems between the both of you.  If you aren’t sexually satisfied you might search for it somewhere else—and you like this woman so you wouldn’t want to do that to her.  Be patient and continually talk about what you need from her to be sexually satisfied.  Hopefully, she’ll be open to the conversation, and the two of you can move onto hotter sex!