How to Spot the Single Girls

Single girls lined up at the bar

How to Spot the Single Girls…………That hot girl across the bar you’ve been eyeing for a few weeks is looking your way.  You’ve talked to her a few times before, and you’d really like to ask her out.  It’s really easy meeting women.  The problem is, knowing if they’re single or not.  You don’t want to be rude and ask her outright, but still—you need to know!  Don’t worry guys there are a few social cues you can follow to figure out whether the girl you’re into is single or not.  Then once you find out, you can make your move.

  It’s sad to say it, but these days a person’s relationship status is usually very public and easy to find through social networking.  What I’m saying is, if you Google this girl and find her Facebook—chances are you’ll see her relationship status.  These days, everyone loves to wear their relationship status on their sleeve, and Facebook gives them that opportunity.  Granted, the status you see on that online profile may not be accurate—but check anyway.  If she doesn’t have a relationship status on her profile, feel free to look through her photos.  I know that sounds a bit “Fatal Attraction” but believe me girls do it all the time.  While looking through her photos take special care to pay attention to any male presence in the photographs.  If there is a consistent figure in those photos, and (oh, I don’t know) she’s making out with him.  I can safely say that the girl you’re interested in is not single.

  Since you’re reading this article though, I assume you don’t have access to her Facebook.  If you’ve decided to go the “actual human interaction” route, congratulations you’re taking the first step in the right direction.  If you want to surpass the Internet stalking and actually get to know this lady, then I tip my hat to you.  Now, how can you tell if she is in fact single?  Well, if you’re out in public notice her presence in the crowd.  Is she talking to her girlfriends?  Is she ignoring guys that are coming up to her?  These sings of body language convey that she’s really not interested in any male interaction.  Chances are, she’s taken—or she’s really not looking to meet anyone tonight.  You probably shouldn’t approach these girls because they’re not even going to look at you twice.

If the girl you’re into is dancing with guys, accepting drinks from them, and throwing you the occasional look—go for it!  It’s usually the outgoing and carefree girls at the bar who are the ones looking for a guy.  They’re open; they’re having fun, and their energy gives of the “come over here and hit on me already” vibe.  If you’re looking for a girlfriend keep your eyes peeled for these girls out and about. Or you could always try the old fashioned way and tell her you’re interested.  If she says she’s taken, who cares!  You didn’t know. So ask her!  Better to ask than to never know.