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How to Improve Your Social IQ


Yes, we all have a social IQ. Believe it or not, we are often judged based upon this and there is certainly no exception when it comes to dating. In fact, the judgment may be a bit harsher when it comes to the dating scene. The worst part about it is that many of us never realize just how socially awkward that we really are.

When it comes to meeting new types of people, we can often be disgustingly surprised as to how socially off balance we might be. Women often rely on a man’s social intelligence when making a decision as to whether they want to begin dating them or not. Your sociability is crucial when it comes to landing the woman of your dreams. 

Women want a man that can carry on conversations with their friends and family. They want to know that, their man will flow smoothly into their social circle without causing friction or uncertainty. A woman’s social circle and family are dear to their hearts and if a man cannot mesh with those already in her life, she will rethink including her man in events or gatherings. In turn, this will cause her to feel uncomfortable and you may notice her backing away from the relationship.

Don’t hold yourself back just because you may need to work on a few of your social skills. Your first step is to educate yourself on what it takes to improve your social IQ and implement it. Here are a few ways to dig deep and work on improving that IQ in a positive way.

Be open- To improve your social IQ, you will need to be op to new people, ideas and experiences. If you are too close minded to experience new things, you will find yourself held back from a lot.

Acceptance- Whether or not, you agree with everyone or everything in life that another person does, it is important that you are just willing to accept people as they are. Someone who is constantly critical of others will find themselves with fewer and fewer people around them. Even if you have to agree to disagree with others, simply put it out of your mind and move forward in a positive manner. This will show that you are willing to accept others as they are.

Positive outlooks- Regardless of how uncomfortable something new may seem it is important that you keep a positive outlook. Women often pay attention to the reactions of their men in order to know how to proceed. Positive thoughts and actions will set you apart from any competition. 

Inquisitive- Openly ask questions about things that are new to you. Inquiring minds intrigue those around us. A man’s curiosity shows that he is open minded and positive about trying new things or meeting new people. 

Be honest- As always, honesty is the best policy.  This is a crucial key to improving your social IQ. In order to get anywhere in a relationship, a woman will require you to be open and honest with her.

Pay attention/Stay focused- When communicating, you should always stay focused. Zoning out in the midst of a conversation, will not only end the conversation quickly, it could possibly end your chances at a second date. Give your undivided attention to the person you are conversing with. This shows respect, interest and that you are capable of open communication. 

Think before your speak- This should be a number one of all lists when it comes to dating. Too often, we like to abruptly dish out our opinions without taking into account, how they may affect others. Whether your opinion is relevant or not, it is important to thoroughly think prior to expressing your opinions and thoughts. Always keep in mind that our words are something we cannot take back and may be impossible to recover from.

The aforementioned are just a few ways that you can positively improve your social IQ. Remember, as a man, you often set the tone for a chain of events. It is important to display great social skills in order to be received well with others.


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