How to Handle a Woman’s Ex

Woman in between her boyfriend and ex boyfriend

How to Handle a Woman’s Ex………You can pretend all you want that you’re the only person your girlfriend has ever dated.  The fact is, she’s had boyfriends before you.  She’s probably had a slew of boyfriends before you.  Sometimes she might even stay friends with a few of them.  So, how do you handle a woman who still keeps in touch with her exes?

  It’s okay to voice your concerns when it comes to her still hanging around her exes.  There is a good chance that her and her ex shared the same group of friends, and you’re bound to run into the ex every once in awhile.  The best thing to do is to get a history lesson.  Ask your girlfriend what life was like while dating this guy, and what happened to break them up.  If she’s comfortable enough to tell you about her dating past then you’ll get a better idea of what went on.  This plan gives you two things; the ability to see the guy’s flaws and the confidence to know you won’t make the same mistakes he did.  Plus, understanding your partner’s romantic past will give you a better understanding of her.

Just like with her guy friends, don’t start demanding that she never see her exes again.  Some of her exes might be legitimate friends with her now.  Who cares if she dated her friend Kyle when she was a junior in High School!  They clearly have a personal history together that dates back to before the two of you met.  If you interfere with it now you’ll come out looking like the bad guy.  If some of her exes are merely acquaintances at this point you shouldn’t have a problem with her running into them every once in awhile.  If you start throwing a fit every time she has a conversation with an ex at a bar—it’s dumpsville for you.

  It’s better if you acted like you didn’t care at all.  When she sees that you’re confident that she won’t run off with one of her exes she’ll be more attracted to you.  More importantly, no girl wants to be asked, “Are you still in love with___?”  This question to women is like nails on a chalkboard.  Her exes are exes for a reason, and she doesn’t want to be asked if she still has feelings for someone who put her heart in a blender.  She’s with you.  That’s all you need to know.  If she was still in love with her ex, she’d be with him.

Make sure you’re extra nice to her exes when you do bump into them.  If you appear to be a good guy—they won’t attempt to break up you and your girlfriend.  Niceness is the last offensive move you can make.  This will also make you look like an awesome guy.  Women want a mature boyfriend.  What’s the point of sizing each other up?  That’s not going to impress her.  Stay cool and be confident and she’ll never think of her ex again.