How to Date a Good Friend

Man making woman laugh

How to Date a Good Friend……Everyone has seen those movies women love.  You know, the ones where the best friend is secretly in love with the leading lady.  He musters up the courage to tell her how he feels.  She pauses, and with great anticipation… the audience wonders whether or not she feels the same. After a few painstaking seconds—she confesses she’s in love with him too! The music swells and credits roll.  Happy endings for all!  Well, not exactly.  If you’ve confessed your undying love for a good friend and she feels the same you have a long road ahead of you.  It’s not as easy as romantic comedies would lead you to believe.  Here’s how you can successfully date a friend.

You already have a friendly rapport with her.  You pretty much know everything there is about her.  So, the usual goal of dating is to get to know the person better.  Since the two of you already know each other pretty well, dating should serve a different purpose in your situation.  No, dating one of your good friends doesn’t give you the golden ticket to skip over the dating phase.  You still need to take her on dates.  You still need to wine and dine her.  These dates are going to be you showing her you’re boyfriend material.  Sure, you’ve confessed that you have feelings, but you need to put your money where your mouth is and show her you’re the guy she’s meant to be with.

  Right after you confess your feelings for her you should tell her you would like to take her to dinner.  This dinner is going to be different from any other time the two of you have hung out.  You wanted to be her prince charming, now is your time to act like it.  Bring her flowers when you go to pick her up.  Take her to a nice restaurant known for a great first date atmosphere.  Tell her how amazing she looks.  Basically, do all of the cheesy things that ladies drool over when they watch John Cusack marathons.  You want her to stop thinking of you as a friend and more as a boyfriend.  This is how you do it.

  After you’ve had your first super romantic date sit down with her and ask her what she wants from the relationship.  Does she just want to date for now?  Is she ready to get serious?  Let her take the lead in terms of the speed of things.  Likewise, be sure you’re moving at a speed that’s comfortable for you.  Set up some ground rules when it comes to the amount of time you see and talk to each other.  You wouldn’t want to smother her with this newfound relationship.  Since the two of you are friends you should be able to have this open form of communication.

Always make sure you have the lines of communication open, and be sure to check back to see how your woman is feeling.  This could be the start of a wonderful relationship.  After all, the happiest partners call each other best friends!  You want to do this right in order for the two of you to have a happy and healthy relationship.  It’s only after you put work into the relationship, that you can truly have that storybook ending.