How To Be The Best Boyfriend

Happy couple listening to music

How to Be the Best Boyfriend…….Many men have failed when it comes to being the best boyfriend.

This is generally because they failed at most critical key things that matter most while being in a relationship with a woman.  The following hints may and should help you in your current relationship with a woman.


How can you become the best boyfriend ever? 


Undivided attention is a good and critical quality a boyfriend should possess.

Most men have a small attention span window. When their woman wants to talk about things like, what went on in her day or any other subject in particular men generally space out after a few minutes. Sad, but true…it’s in your genetic make-up. Women are communicative creatures and they love to do so about everything including their feelings. Simply listening to your woman can promote you to best boyfriend status quickly. Women like men who listen and remember.


Being faithful would be one of the most, if not the only important thing you will have to remember that will make you a good boyfriend.  

Women don’t like being cheated on or fooled by a man who has no good intentions of being with her and her only. Being faithful consist of a man who will only sleep, drink, eat, breathe, and live for this woman; his woman. No temptation in this world would distract you from being faithful to the woman you’re in a relationship in.


Doing what it takes to make and keep your girlfriend happy can be sort of difficult, but not impossible to do.

Getting her some lunch while she’s hard at work and has no time to grab a bite is a gesture of kindness and caring; one that will also go a long way in her eyes. Women love when a man goes out of his way to take care of her.  This puts her on cloud nine and her feelings will grow stronger for you as you continue to show honest attempts to do things for her.


Standing by your girlfriend when hard times show up in her life; no matter how serious the situation is and you’re still standing by her side.

This will show that you’re dedicated to her and willing to be with her through the light, as well as in the dreaded darkness; you will stand beside her strong as her man.


Being a good friend is part of being a good boyfriend.

You need to be a friend to understand how a woman feels. Enjoy time with her without any other intentions than just being a friend first.


Once you’re a friend to her, the rest will fall in place easily.

She will trust you and she will feel as if she has known you forever and will share anything with you. Don’t ever take advantage of this, being a friend first is known to make things work best prior to getting involved in a serious relationship with someone. Relationships last almost forever when friendship comes first and even while you’re her man being a friend still is a big plus.


Honesty will be a plus when being her boyfriend.

No one likes to be lied to about anything especially when it comes to a relationship.   Keep everything honest and all out on the table. She will appreciate the fact that you’re honest to her and she will give you her full trust.


It doesn’t take a genius to know how to be the best boyfriend; just be the best that you can be to the woman you love.

Do not attempt the impossible; trying to do some extravagant things to impress her. The little things are truly the things that matter.  Keep this in mind and you will become the best boyfriend indeed.