How To Be A Better Boyfriend

How to be a Better Boyfriend Featured Image

Being a boyfriend isn’t a superhuman task.

In fact, it’s extremely human.  You don’t need to move mountains to make a girl happy, but there are a few things you can do to make her proud to be called your girlfriend.  There are certain things women want in a relationship.  I’ll talk to you about some of the simpler things you can do to be a better boyfriend.


First and foremost, being her boyfriend means you have an immeasurable amount of respect for her. 

This is a characteristic all men should share when it comes to their relationships.  Show your woman huge amounts of respect, and she’ll be happy to have you in her life. When talking to her, treat her with the utmost courteously.  Think of it as how you would talk to your mother. Sure, you’re closer with your girlfriend and more comfortable, but you would never back talk your mother or speak to her in a disrespectful way.  The same goes for your girlfriend.  Sure, the two of you are bound to bump heads every once in a while, but treating her with respect will get you to respect in turn.


Don’t flirt with other people—especially in front of her. 

If you have a flirtatious nature be aware of your actions when you are with your girlfriend.  Giving inappropriate attention to another woman is a big sign of disrespect, and shows her that you don’t take your monogamous relationship seriously.  You wouldn’t want her flirting with guys in front of you, would you?  You should also treat her family and friends with respect.  These are the people who are important to her.  If you disrespect them then you are disrespecting her.  The better you treat her friends and family the more they’ll like you, and the more they like you—the more likely you’ll stay in her life.


Another sign of a great boyfriend is trust and encouragement.

Make your girlfriend feel like you’re a person she can trust and confide in.  Everyone is looking for someone to trust, and when you’re that person– you relationship will be so much stronger.  In turn, probably one of the most important things you can do as a boyfriend is be supportive.  Nowadays, women are as career driven as men.  When you support your girlfriend and encourage her to follow her dreams she’ll be forever grateful.  Nothing feels better than having someone in your corner when you’re trying to pursue the career you want.  A little encouragement goes a long way.  It won’t just help strengthen your relationship, but it will also provide her with the confidence she needs to achieve her goals.


Being a good boyfriend isn’t about showering her with gifts or taking her out to dinner every weekend.

It’s much simpler than that.  Being a partner who is respectful, trustworthy and supportive is much more important to a long-lasting relationship.  These are emotional things women want.  Having a true partner in life is far more important than material goods.  This is what makes an amazing boyfriend for any woman.