How Freelancing Can Improve Your Finances During COVID-19

How Freelancing Can Improve Your Finances During COVID-19

What Is Freelancing & Why Should You Start?

Freelancing is about being self-employed and earning your money on a per-job basis usually with a skill you enjoy. This method of earning money includes writing gigs to graphic design work and even renting out your property on Air BnB. Those were just a few ideas to help you better understand your options in freelancing. With the use of technology, you can be your own boss from home using the internet and laptop. You can be paid through the use of new apps that allow you to receive your money quickly. Especially if your planning on starting a home-based business.

COVID-19 has made an impact on our daily lives due to businesses closing doors or losing business because of the pandemic. Freelancing has been growing and becoming the alternative to the normal 9-5 work. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that “About 6.5 million people not in the labor force in July were prevented from looking for work by the pandemic.” No one should have to suffer the financial burden this has put on our hard-working citizens.

Freelancing is the perfect career for anyone in need of building their wealth, gaining back their freedom to live on their terms, and most of all

being financially stable during the pandemic. When most people are out of work, you can create work for you and others. Therefore, making life a little less stressful for many of us. If you were laid off and are now looking for a way to support yourself through freelance work, I would like to help.

So, I am providing some beneficial resources that I used on my journey into freelance work. These are simple and helpful tips to get you started quickly. Your self-discipline will matter a great deal when entering the freelance world. Please, consider planning things out and researching as much as you can before jumping in.

Resources for women interested in freelancing

  1. – How to become a freelance writer – Tips on work from home jobs you can do from your couch – Giving you 10 steps to start a freelancing business

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