Ho’ oponopono: The Practice of Forgiveness and Self-Healing

Ho’ oponopono, pronounced Ho-po-op-pon-no, is an ancient spiritual practice, that is indicative of those living in Hawaii but originated from the Polynesian islands, of the South Pacific. 

Formally, a carefully guarded secret, Ho’opnopono (Huna) was a traditional form of “cleansing” only administrated by spiritual shamanism. Used once only by kahuna Lapa ‘au Kahea, one who heals with words and chants, now centuries later, the practice is available for all to share! 

So why should we do it? How do we do it? And what are the benefits? 

Why Should We do it?

We all hold inside of us some bad memories, past and present. It could be as a child; you were punished severely for something you did not do; you were abused or even guilty of stealing an item that did not belong to you. Words were spoken that traumatized you, by a parent, sibling, teacher, or classmate. As you grew older and developed new relationships, a spouse, child, co-worker, or close friend, the new painful memories inflicted upon you, perpetuated the hurt and fear within. Regret sets in and the self-shaming begin, as to what we said or did in the moment, that was hurtful. Now we feel powerless, living with the consequences. What I found profoundly interesting, is that we “collect” then relive, all our bad memories, repeatedly. By releasing these “memories” and forgiving ourselves with the healing words of Ho’oponopono, magical things, start to happen! If not practiced daily, we cannot move forward and become the person we were meant to be, because our negative memories make it impossible. The belief is we create our memories, therefore we can change them! 

How Do We Do It?

We become “grateful” but, this is where our true self is tested. Why? Because we must start to be grateful for all the bad memories, we have experienced…because we created them! I know this thinking is contrary to most healing or self-help wisdom, I too was reluctant to embrace this idea. Everything, I had learned (in this area of healing the soul) was counter-intuitive. However, if this were true, then self-forgiveness must be required, to heal the past and allow self-awareness, to create a different future. With Ho’oponopono, this can be accomplished in four simple phrases, you say out loud… or to yourself. The key to its effectiveness is to know when to say these “special” words. The time to recite them is when you feel powerless, angry, guilty, or ashamed. You must immediately forgive yourself for any action, thought, or negative word you created. 

These are the four key phrases that will bring about true freedom and peace into your everyday life.

1. I Love You This confirms that you give yourself unconditional love.
2. I’m Sorry Taking ownership for causing the pain and errors.
3. Forgive Me Forgive me I did not know I had that inside of me. 
4. Thank you Thank you for allowing me to cleanse this memory.  

When you say these phrases after a negative event, you are saying them to yourself, the universe, and God. Some people use these phrases before an event has even transpired, as a preventative measure for the future. You can say these words at a happy event, allowing your highest self to stay in the moment, not your ego. 

What Are the Benefits 

By apologizing to yourself you can forgive yourself. From there you cleanse and erase all negative memories, perpetuating a new love and respect for yourself and others. An open heart and harmony for your mind, body, and soul, results. Ho’oponopono connects with your thoughts and consciousness, that can affect the expression of your DNA, and the materialization of your goal’s effects, the behavior of those around you! The process is deceptively simple, but when used properly, can create everyday miracles. 

Of course, if you are a skeptic, this will only be a theory, until you apply it. I did! I practiced Ho’oponopono for two weeks. In the morning when I got up, throughout the day, during stressful events that I had no control over, and before I went to bed. This is what happened for me. A friend I had not heard from in over twenty-five years contacted me on Facebook. Two, great jobs I applied to, both wanted to hire me, and healing started to take place with a family member. I have only “scratched” the surface of this wonderful, important practice called Ho’oponopono, So I encourage you to read more books on this subject, for you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain! 

The Book of Ho’oponopono by Luc Bodin, M.D., Nathalie Broden Lamboy and Jean Graciet.

Numbersvoice.com medium.com/@vanicetoassa/hooponopono-whatitis.com 

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Kay (@guest_19)
1 year ago
RatingArticle Ratiing :

I found this story most interesting, I’d had never heard about this and I have started to try it. I am looking forward to seeing the positive results. Wonderfully written!

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