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Girlfriend Getaways During a Pandemic

It’s been many months since the pandemic hit and pandemic fatigue is starting to take over. Do you find yourself asking, “Where can I go for a getaway and still be safe?” Are you missing your girlfriends and need a girl’s weekend? It is possible to enjoy a vacation with a few extra precautions. So, get ready for that rejuvenating weekend with your best gal pal because I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks to stay safe while enjoying a quick getaway.

Relationships are important and we have to put in the time to build them up. If you haven’t seen your best gal pal in over a year then this article is for you! It’s time to plan a girl’s weekend for you and your best gal pal. Looking for locations across the nation? Do your research to ensure that the place you want to visit is open and that you’ll be able to gain access to the places you want to visit. What’s open? It depends on what nation, state, county, and city you plan to visit. Take the time to make some phone calls before you make flight, hotel, and transpiration reservations.

In this article, I’ll cover these two important questions: What additional safety precautions should you take? How do you keep your family safe?

Spending time with loved ones is important. However, we’ve spent so much time with our family that for many moms it’s time to take a break. As wives and mothers, we rarely get the chance to take a trip that’s all about us. A weekend with your best gal pal is a mom-cation worth taking and you deserve to take it. Moms need to take time for themselves to ensure good mental health. I’m sharing my recent experiences with you so that you have the experience to evaluate before you venture out to enjoy your mom-cation!

Air Travel

No matter where you live, air travel requires additional precautions. Everyone is wearing masks. Taking the additional precautions of a face shield and gloves is one way to provide an additional layer of protection. National Geographic reports, “the air inside a plane is cleaner than you think.” Airplanes use HEPA filters. These filters ensure the air that you are breathing on a plane is as clean as it can possibly get. Still, wear your mask and consider adding a face shield, maybe even gloves.

When my best gal pal and I decided we were going to risk it and take a quick trip we made sure we had our masks, gloves, and face shields. Further, we had Clorox wipes with us to wipe down our seats. We did not go full biohazard suit like some celebs but we considered it. However, with our face shields, masks, gloves, and Clorox wipes we did feel safe. Working from home allows us the ability to ensure the safety of our families by using the quarantine method for two weeks before and after our trip just to be safe.

It sounds like a lot of effort for a quick girl’s weekend but it’s worth it! Putting in the extra effort to ensure the safety of our loved ones is important. By incorporating these methods our minds were put at ease and we were able to travel with relatively little concern. We have great memories, a few funny TikToks, and we returned to our daily lives refreshed, happier, and ready to take on the next big tasks in our lives and careers. A girl’s weekend with your best gal pal is medicine for the soul. It brings joy and happiness that no other type of trip can manifest.

Airline Information

Masks, Cleanings, and Middle Seat Sales are airline by airline decisions. Alaska, Delta, and Southwest are the three airlines that have masks available, require masks, cleans before every flight, and they do not sell the middle seat. Spirit, typically the most affordable airline, only requires masks; they do not provide masks, do not clean before each flight, and they sell the middle seat. If you can fly Southwest it’s the best option. If you fly Spirit, take added precautions.

Airline Tips:


  1. Use a Clorox Wipe to Clean Your Seat and Area

  2. Add A Face Shield and Gloves with your Mask

  3. Buy an Aisle Seat near the Front


Hotels are doing a great job managing guests during the pandemic. I and my best gal pal have stayed in hotels across the nation. We’ve been everywhere from Newport Beach, CA to Frankenmuth, MI. We enjoyed outdoor activities in Denver, CO, and walking Freemont Street in Las Vegas, NV. Through all these girls’ trips the hotels were essential and their care key.

Hotels are spacing guest rooms out. We never felt crowded and we rarely came across other guests. In Newport Beach, CA we noticed on the beach that people were social distancing and sticking with their groups. Kids were not freely running as they would have been pre-pandemic. And, most importantly, food services were outdoors. The affordable Quality Inn staff went to great efforts to keep the hotel clean and guests safe. In Denver, Colorado the Quality Inn was similar, guests were well spaced and the staff was on top of cleaning.

Don’t be afraid to call ahead and ask about the hotel’s cleaning measure before you book. The Washington Post says, “Travelers should take a look around the room and consider all of the surfaces they will be touching during their stay.” They recommend, “cleaning obvious points such as remote controls, alarm clocks, and landline phone…cabinet and drawer handle, doorknobs and door locks, light switches, desk surfaces, and information booklets and brochures.” Cleaning these surfaces when you arrive is one way to improve your health and safety during your stay.

Hotel Tips:

  1. Check for bedbugs

  2. Clean the obvious surfaces

  3. Read reviews before booking

Living in Las Vegas, I’ve watched the pandemic the town shut down. And, I watched it slowly open back up. When my best gal pal arrived to celebrate on my birthday, we decided to check out Freemont Street because it’s outdoors and seemed the safest option. It was a great experience. The people were mostly masked and socially distanced, people didn’t get too close, and the performers were still happily performing for the people.

Questionable Adventures

The only sketchy hotel situation that I encountered was in Frankenmuth, Michigan. We ventured to the Zender’s Waterpark and we were surprised to find it open and at full capacity. When I finally got up the nerve to get into the pool, I was wearing a mask; it was quickly pointed out to me that I was the only person wearing a mask and that we were in a literal pool or cesspool of germs. Nervous as I was, I realized the mask was pointless in this situation. I decided to just enjoy the waterpark and took off the mask. I’ll admit I was nervous and I did quarantine when I got home for a full two weeks.

Skip the Trains & Planes – Take an Automobile

Many people are nervous about taking planes and trains. Travelers are opting for automobiles more than ever before in history. Taking a road trip is a great way to enjoy a vacation while staying safe during the pandemic. With gas prices at a near all-time low road trips are the most desirable travel option. People feel safer and more comfortable in their own automobiles.

Traveling by automobile requires a bit of planning. First, you must choose a destination. Many people are traveling to national parks because they are proving to be the safest place to vacation during the pandemic. National parks allow for social distancing and provide some of the most beautiful senary both inside the parks and on the way to them.

Camping is the most popular vacation option during the 2020 pandemic. Parents are packing up the kids, young adults are hiking, canoeing, and backpacking, and people of all demographics are entering campgrounds and national parks for the first time. First-time campers require some tips of their own.

Camper Tips:

  1. Know the Wild Animals & Pack Bear Spray

  2. Research Food Storage – Wild Animals are Not PETS! Don’t Feed Them!

  3. Call Ahead and Ask the Rangers What you Need to Know!

Camping is one of the most fun things to do. It’s an American pastime that is coming back into fashion. It’s a great way to connect with nature and with your family. Many of the fun things we do while camping can be team-building exercises. Pitching a tent with your family is a great team-building exercise. Canoeing is another fun way to establish team-building skills.

Pandemic Friendly Locations

When choosing the location for your girl’s trip evaluate the safety factors. Are events outdoors? Can social distancing be easily observed? One of the best places to vacation during the pandemic is the national parks. A Business Insider report says, “Book a private vacation home rental to limit interactions with others.” From Maine to California some locations are perfect for a pandemic vacation. Tenaya Lodge is located near Yosemite National Park in California. This 50-acre property offers lots of outdoor activities and is only a couple of miles from Yosemite. Ivy Manor Inn located in Bar Harbor, Maine is another property that is located near a national park, Acadia National Park. However, if you choose this location be sure to pack a cooler because this property does not have a restaurant.

National parks are pandemic friendly because they are outdoors and allow for social distancing. Our visit to Boulder Falls, Colorado was the one trip me and my best gal pal enjoyed with little fear. We were able to social distance, enjoy the beauty of nature, and walk-in nature without the constant fear of encountering COVID. While the park was busy, those visiting were all on the same page regarding social distancing and pandemic safety. Masks were worn, the distance was observed, and the beauty of nature was enjoyed by all.



Through all of these experiences, neither of us has contracted COVID. We quarantined both before and after travel. I do admit that going to a waterpark was a bit of a bigger risk but we all take risks at some point in life and I wasn’t the only person there – in point of fact, the place was at full compacity. I’m not advocating taking risks, I’m advocating taking precautions when you choose to take a risk.

Key Safety Tips:

  1. Quarantine before and after travel

  2. Observe Social Distancing Guidelines

  3. Buy Bottled Drinks and Packaged Foods

  4. Avoid Indoor Activities When Possible

  5. Enjoy Road Trips & National Parks

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