Get Your Style Back On!

Though we still have a long way to go, it seems we’re getting to the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. Vaccines are here. Selected movie theaters and concert halls are re-opening this spring and summer. And so is your office. 

New Office Challenges — Updating Your Fashion

While some may be excited to get back into their workplace groove, others may dread it. Maybe it’s the commute. Maybe it’s your gossipy coworkers. Or maybe you felt more productive performing at home. And face it, being in an office just doesn’t compare to working with a cozy cat purring while on your lap while you’re sipping chai tea in your joggers—braless! 

Or maybe, after a year of being a style slacker in sweatpants, your work clothes don’t fit or are outdated. With many retail stores and boutiques closed over a year, clothes shopping wasn’t a thing during the pandemic. Nor was it a priority—we had more important things to address. But now you’ll be heading back to the office in a few weeks and, fashion-wise, you’re screwed.

Your Style — Your Way

Before you begin to feel pressured, here are some easy ways you can get your style back on! 

  1. Evaluate what you have; you may be pleasantly surprised. Go through your wardrobe and assess what you have. While some items may no longer fit or entice you, others might surprise you. This happens to me each season. I’ll come across something I didn’t wear for half a year or so and all of a sudden, it seems brand new again! What you don’t think you’ll wear anymore, try selling on Poshmark or simply donating. 
  2. Go ahead, get fancy! During the pandemic, we most likely missed out on so many vogue opportunities—New Year’s Eve, Christmas parties, concerts, and so on. We may have several items in our closet we purchased over a year ago and never got to sport. Well, why not wear them to work? You can dress down a cute cocktail dress with an outsized cardigan, stylish combat boots, and a messy updo. 
  3. If you must shop, be sure to call the retailer before heading out. One of the reasons many women didn’t shop during the pandemic, even when stores were open, is because dressing rooms remained closed. Nothing is more frustrating than choosing a few key items only to discover you can’t try them on! When you go into a store, ask a manager about the fitting room situation before you start eyeing up outfits. 
  4. Personal styling services. During the early months of lockdown, one of the things I missed most was clothes shopping. It’s not something I did regularly, but something I did as a bonus to what I was already doing. For example, if I traveled somewhere with my husband, or had lunch with a girlfriend, whatever little boutique was in the area counted as a “must do too.” Now with all retail shops closed, I began shopping on Amazon, only to be disappointed when things didn’t fit right. However, with a personal styling service, like Wantables or Stitch Fix, you get a box of clothing sent directly to your home. Items are chosen for you based on your taste and sizes. When your box arrives, try everything and only keep what you love. You don’t have to pay until you check out online. What you don’t want, you send it back in a prepaid bag. It’s that simple! If you are interested, you can try my Stitch Fix referral link and you’ll get a $25 credit.


Just remember, many women are in a similar boat; you’re not the only one stressing over clothes. Fashion and clothes shopping is meant to be fun. These easy steps should help put you in the right direction when you head back to the workplace. 

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