Five Ways To Romance A Woman Without Spending A Fortune

Romantic picnic

Five Ways to Romance a Woman Without Spending a Fortune…….Men, are you looking for new ways to romance the woman in your life?

Have you already surprised her with flowers and taken her to dinner? Doesn’t it get boring and seem routine after a while? Or, perhaps you aren’t getting the same excited, shocked, loved the reaction that you once were when you gave her flowers you purchased at a store. You don’t need to spend a fortune when it comes to being romantic.  Many women simply want to know you are or were thinking about them.


Picnic – Why not plan a picnic for the both of you? If you live in a climate that the weather prevents you from enjoying a picnic lakeside, don’t worry. You can still have an indoor picnic. Lay down a blanket (either inside or outside) and be sure to pack a lunch or dinner. Think of foods that are good for picnics such as sandwiches, grapes, sliced apples, potato chips, soda, bottled water, and of course a bottle of wine. Make sure you pour her wine for her. Take this time to talk and catch up.


Sick Day at Home – Ask the woman in your life to plan a sick day at home with you…yes, I’m talking about playing hooky from work! No, you are NOT sick. You are planning a day to lie in bed and snuggle, watch movies together, eat munchies and simply be together without any outside distractions. Be sure to rent a few chick-flicks for her. The sheer thought of you going out of your way for your woman will have her eyes seeing stars and her heart throbbing! And, while you are in bed, who knows what else could happen!


Pick Wild Flowers – Yes, you read that right. Do NOT go to the store and purchase your woman flowers. Instead, stop on the side of the road and pick her a beautiful, colorful bouquet of wildflowers. She will instantly fall in love with you all over again simply because you took the time to think of her and pick her flowers, not only that, but you also delivered them to her. Trust me, you will get lucky if you do this, and we all know how much men love sex! But, please don’t do this if you are only doing it try to get her in the sack, which is just plain cruel.


Date Night – Couples today have a hard time finding time to have a date night, especially couples with children. It is important for any relationship to have one-on-one time. If your wife stays home with the children, she will appreciate this more than you realize! Can you say a moment of sanity! You don’t have to do something expensive, perhaps stop by your local restaurant and grab a bite to eat and then drive around and talk like you are two teenagers in love! After all, it is about spending time with your woman, not how much money you spend in order to do that.


Touch Her – People tend to fall into routines and spend their days and nights doing chores, completing tasks, taking care of children, etc., where in the world does this leave being romantic to the woman in your life when you are both too exhausted at the end of the day. Simple. Touch her! Next time she is doing a chore, such as dishes, simply walk up to her and kiss her on the back of her neck and tell her how beautiful she is. She will think about that moment for the next week!


You don’t need to open your wallet or ask for overtime at work to be romantic to the woman in your life. You simply need to let her know how much you love her and from time to time show it to her. I am willing to bet once you incorporate some of these into your daily life, you will be rewarded as well!