Mia Villari

Mia has been a full-time freelance writer, ghost writer and editor since 2005. She holds a degree in Business Management, and is obtaining a further degree in Finance with a concentration in Global Economics. Some of her work can be found on sites such as USAToday Travel, myCosmeticBag, eHow, GardenGuides, The Daily Puppy, Examiner, Yahoo TV, and many more. She has a passion for writing and editing, and connecting with others. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

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Submitted Articles by Mia Villari

Color Me Beautiful

Well, many, many years ago when women were aimlessly wondering through the fashion world, someone came up with a fantastic idea to make fashion more exciting, more fun and more rewarding. That…


How to Improve Your Social IQ

Yes, we all have a social IQ. Believe it or not, we are often judged based upon this and there is certainly no exception when it comes to dating. In fact, the…


The Importance of Being Honest

The importance of being honest in relationships doesn’t get the press coverage that it deserves. Honesty is a tricky thing. How honest is too honest? Sometimes, you don’t want to be honest…

Five Easy Ways to Build Your Confidence

Most people have a little voice in their heads that occasionally whispers some very critical things in their ears – things that drain self esteem and flush confidence down the toilet. If…