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Mia has been a full-time freelance writer, ghost writer and editor since 2005. She holds a degree in Business Management, and is obtaining a further degree in Finance with a concentration in Global Economics. Some of her work can be found on sites such as USAToday Travel, myCosmeticBag, eHow, GardenGuides, The Daily Puppy, Examiner, Yahoo TV, and many more. She has a passion for writing and editing, and connecting with others. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

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Guys have a fascination with bad girls. There was a meme floating around Facebook the other day that read, “Women want a bad boy who is good for them, and guys want a good girl whose bad for them.” The idea of “the bad girl” has drawn men in for centuries, but what is it about these broads that make them so desirable? Even further, what happens when you pursue a “bad girl”.

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How to Be a Better Boyfriend

Being a boyfriend isn’t a super human task. In fact, it’s extremely human. You don’t need to move mountains to make a girl happy, but there are a few things you can do to make her proud to be called your girlfriend. There are certain things women want in a relationship. I’ll talk to you about some of the simpler things you can do to be a better boyfriend.

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Seriously Dude

 Seriously Dude, stop sending that girl at the end of the bar a drink.  You’ve already supplied her with enough alcohol.  She hasn’t gotten up off of her shapely ass to come say hello…

Being the Other Woman

Being the Other Woman……….I am the woman who you don’t know anything about, being second is my duty.  When you slack with your man, that’s when I step in to do my best…

Impressing Her Parents

Impressing Her Parents……Congratulations! You have met a woman that you want to have a serious relationship with. What I mean by serious is the fact that you are brave enough to meet…