Lorin Cole

Lorin Cole grew up in Philadelphia where she attended the Philadelphia College of Art. She moved to New York City after being offered a modeling contract with the Ford Agency and lived and worked throughout Europe as well.


After a lucrative career, Lorin took her skills as an artist and made a natural transition to the other side of the camera to become a makeup artist. Her work has been published in every major magazine around the globe and she is the bestselling author of “The Complete Book of Makeup (Long Meadow Press).”


With the desire to mentor and guide, Lorin periodically conducts both makeup and modeling workshops where she shares her knowledge and expertise. She founded “Style and the City Modeling Workshops” to help aspiring models move forward in the fashion industry.


Moving forward, she continues to enjoy a successful career as a freelance writer and has come full circle and back to her original passion for fine arts. Ms. Cole’s paintings have been exhibited in numerous venues and she is well known for her pet portrait commissions.


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Submitted Articles by Lorin Cole

Table Manners From Hell

We’ve trained our dogs and even our cats so now we need to take it to the next level and train our men how to eat properly at the dinner table. For those of you lucky enough to be with a guy who has good table manners, this won’t apply to you; however, consider yourself lucky.