John Scanlon

John Scanlon was in the newspaper business in the Philadelphia/New Jersey region for more than 35 years as a reporter, feature writer and editor. But the business sadly has been dying, and so was John. Well, not dying for real, just hyperventilating a lot. So he got out to build his own freelance business.


He writes for South Jersey publications, including the Courier-Post, SJ Magazine and Jersey Man Magazine, and just won a 2015 first-place award in feature writing in the annual New Jersey Press Association contest for newspapers. He suspects that he’ll never understand women (but does find them very fascinating), which qualifies him to write about them from the male perspective for Things Women Want.


John also likes to play guitar and write songs you’ll never hear on the radio. He and his wife have two grown children and live in southern New Jersey. E-mail him at

John Scanlon

Articles Submitted by John Scanlon

My Quest To Find The G-Spot

When my dad ditched the training wheels on my bicycle all those years ago and launched me down the street, beaming proudly as I suddenly veered right and slammed over the curb, narrowly missing an ironically worded “SLOW CHILDREN” sign, I figured nothing in life would be tougher than learning to ride a bike.

Find the g-spot

The Myth of The Older Man

The older man.
So suave and self-assured. So wise in outlook and content with his position in life. And damn is he good in the bedroom, a maestro even, able to stroke the high notes that will make a young girl sing.