Jessica Link

Jessica has been writing since she started a 4th grade newspaper. She holds a BA in English and a wide range of interests and passions that led her to a minor in Law, a love for life’s guilty pleasures (like reality TV), and a colorful résumé. She’s in church every Sunday, subscribes to 16 podcasts, and has a Drake air freshener dangling from the rearview mirror of her Honda.

Jessica is excited to join the Things Women Want team to share some of her crazy experiences, particularly those in the “online dating” world, and has a lot to say to TWW readers. When she’s not laughing at her own past Tweets, Jessica enjoys dipping her toe into the aerial fitness world, as well as watching those recipe videos she can’t seem to get away from on her Facebook newsfeed.

You can find Jess on Instagram at @JessLink2 (now that she’s gotten rid of all the embarrassing posts from three years ago).


Submitted Articles by Jessica Link

You Are Not A Possession

You Are Not A Possession……….Sometimes relationships take a turn for the worst when abuse becomes involved. I’m not talking about outright hitting or verbal abuse, I’m talking about the possession of your…

Yes, Be Romantic

Yes, Be Romantic……Yes, women have become more independent.  We’re successful, hot and proud of it.  Today’s modern woman doesn’t have time to wait for her prince to come along.  They get by…

First Date Restaurants

 First Date Restaurants……You have a big date coming up with a really great girl and you want to impress her.  The best way to make a good first impression is by taking…