Clare Solly

Clare Solly is an actress and writer in New York City. The California/Kansas raised gal, sports her Bachelors in Acting and her Masters Degree in Psychology via her personal growth/life coaching blog. She daylights as an Event Planning assistant. And juggles five other survival jobs while she actively auditions and writes! Clare has been writing for longer than she can remember–she wrote short stories and plays as a child, she wanted to be a journalist when she grew up, but the acting bug took over.


A seasoned gal in her 30s, Clare has had her share of experience from dating to divorce; from owning her own business to being brutally fired from someone else’s; from as first dates to being dumped; from tears to laughter–oddly she loves both laughing and crying almost equally. She’s been a nanny, a cooking teacher, a retail sales manager, an usher, a carhop, a scenic painter, and a soon-to-be-published novelist. She is a self help and young adult fiction junkie. A believer in daily journaling, sun salutations, and meditation–she wishes she spent more time on all of them.


A Pollyanna to the core, Clare always sees the bright side or will at least help you laugh about the dark corners of life. She speaks fluent sarcasm, sensibility, and a tiny bit of Spanish.



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