Bella Shaw

Bella Shaw is a TV Host and Journalist who jumped to the international stage of CNN after a stint at the NBC station in Oklahoma City, or as she likes to say, “From a Farm Show to CNN ~ What a segue!” Shaw worked the anchor desk for Newsday in Atlanta before heading to Los Angeles to host the live, daily entertainment news journal, Showbiz Today.

Today Bella splits her time hosting Local Edition for Spectrum/Charter Communications and appears in numerous infomercials, currently for “Cebria.” Look for her playing a political pundit on HBO’s Veep, or you may hear her voice in such shows as House of Cards, The Punisher or Queen of the South.

Bella is uniquely qualified for Things Women Want because of her keen insight into male-female relationships developed throughout her career as a journalist. A lifetime of interviews with men and women from all walks of life has given Bella a unique perspective into the human condition. As a widow she raised two sons and re-entered the dating world in her 50’s. Bella is gifted with a witty and lively intellect that has kept her audiences entertained throughout her career.


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