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  • Do I need to register or provide my email address just to read your articles?


Of course not! Browse the site to your heart’s content—there’s lots of good stuff here. All of our articles are fresh, and available only at We do, however, invite you to join our mailing list and receive regular updates about what’s happening at We also invite you to contribute articles of your own. If you choose to become one of our authors—or better yet, a contributing editor—you’ll need to provide us with a little more information about yourself (which we will never share with anyone). But if you just want to hang out with us a read all of this great stuff, go ahead and enjoy yourself.


  • Is free?


Yes—completely, absolutely, no fine print, no trial period, no catches, no tricks, 100% free. And it always will be, too. You’ll never pay a penny to enjoy all of the great content at


  • Will I ever have to pay for something on


Same answer as above with one minor addition—only if you want to. carries ads from some great companies who sell some awesome products and services. As much as we’d love to give those things away, we can’t. So if you decide to buy from one of our trusted vendors, yes, you’ll have to pay for your purchases. But that’s between you and the vendor— does not participate in those transactions, and will never charge you for anything—ever.


  • Will you give my email address to anyone else?


Our list allows you to opt-in an receive selected offers and emails from time to time from our trusted and selected marketing partners. However, it’s an opt-in list that you can opt-out of anytime. This gives you the option of receiving only updates from without getting any other mail from anyone else related to Of course, if you don’t want to get mail from us either, no problem—just unsubscribe entirely from our list, and we won’t send anything else your way.


  • How do I unsubscribe from your email list?


Simply follow this link to unsubscribe or to opt-out of our partner list. The choice is yours.

You may also send a request to


  • I want to continue receiving emails from you, but how do I opt out of the list you share with partners?


It’s exactly the same procedure as in the last question—it’s easy. Simply follow this link to unsubscribe or to opt-out of our partner list. The choice is yours. You may also send a request to


  • What do I do if I’m offended about something I saw on your site?


You can do several things. The easiest is to stop reading the article, forget about it, and move on to another one. But we don’t want to lose you as a reader, so if it really offended you, drop us a note via the CONTACT FORM, and we’ll look into it. By the way, we take all such comments very seriously, so if you send us a note, we’ll make sure the issue gets resolved.


  • What do I do if I strongly disagree with something I saw on your site?


Simple—write and post a response. That’s what is all about—good information and a challenging dialog. We review content to make sure it conforms to our standards, but we don’t edit it. The information on is not necessarily the opinion of or the TWW Networks, LLC. So there are bound to be differences of opinion, and we feel that that is a good thing. So step in, step up, and write an article that challenges what you’ve taken issue with.


  • If you’re never going to charge me for anything, how does make money so it can continue?


Our advertisers pay us to display their messages. We’d of course like you to patronize them, but that’s really up to you. will always be free because it is 100% supported by ad revenue.


  • How do I change the email address that I used for


We use an outside service to manage our email lists so it might seem a little complicated. In reality thought it’s not—the company we use is very strict about the security of the email addresses they manage for us, and keeps those addresses in an extremely secure environment. So the best way to change an email address is to add a new one using the signup button.


  • I really like one of the articles I saw on your site. Can I republish it on my site with a credit to


Sorry, nope, that we don’t allow. You are however welcome to publish a synopsis of the article and then provide a link-back to telling your readers to click on the link to read the full text. That link to our site will also help your site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking.


  • I have a really good idea for an article, but I don’t want to get rejected. Can I talk to someone at first, before I send my article in?


We wish we could help you to flesh our your article ideas, but time is precious and we just don’t have enough of it to go around. If we spent all day discussing possible articles with authors, we wouldn’t have any time left to edit the ones we get. So here’s a suggestion—just go ahead and write the article, and then submit it. We are very flexible on what we accept and publish, plus once we see that you’ve taken the time to write it, one of our editors will get back to you with suggestions about how to improve or change if—and that’s if we decide initially not to publish it. Otherwise, the editor will fix any minor punctuation and grammatical errors, and publish it immediately. You’ll also find that as you write more of these articles for us, figuring out what to write about and then nailing the topic will become easier.


For Authors and Contributing Editors


  • How do I become an author on


Easy—just start writing. The only thing you really need to do to write for us is, well, write. Make sure you read our submission guidelines to write for that gives you the details about how to edit and post your article. When you’re ready to post your article, you’ll need to fill out a simple online form so that we know who you are and how to contact you (this is to protect us legally). And then that’s it. Upload your article and start writing another one. (By the way, if you want to become a writer, that’s what you need to do. Writers write, so make sure you write something everyday.}


  • How do I become a contributing editor on


There are two ways to become a contributing editor on We frequently invite top experts in their respective fields to join us as a contributing editor. So if your skill or specialty matches up with one of our content topics, send us a note via our CONTACT form and tell us why you’re qualified to be a contributing editor. The other way is to simply write and publish 10 articles for us. We’ll keep track of your contributions and after your tenth article, we’ll reach out to you and invite you to become a contributing editor. And by the way, contributing editors receive a private page on our site where they can post their bios, their professional backgrounds and backlinks to both their personal and professional sites. It’s a great way to get some exposure—we get a ton of traffic at—and to expand your professional horizons.


  • Do I get paid for writing for


No, we don’t pay for submissions. The reason writers write for us is that they want to be a part of the common dialog, and want a voice online. If you have always wanted to express your thoughts, ideas, emotions and feelings to others, is a great place to do it. Also, if you think that you have a special way to solve problems for people, is the perfect place to get your information out there. So although you won’t be paid for writing for us, our writers derive a tremendous amount of satisfaction from being heard. Also, after you’ve written 10 articles for us, you’ll get your own web page on our site (which a lot of people will see). It’s a great way to break in as a “published author” and get some exposure in the process.


  • How do I submit an article?


It’s really simple. Just click on the ‘Submit an Article’ button on the home page |  SUBMIT AN ARTICLE. If it’s your first article for us, you’ll have to register so we know who you are. Write your article, making sure that you follow our submission guidelines SUBMISSION GUIDELINES. When you’re ready, simply upload your article. One of our editors will review it, and as long as you’ve complied with the submission guidelines, your article will be published. It’s really as easy as that.


  • What should I do if I have a great article I want to write, but it doesn’t fit into any of your categories?


Send us a note and tell us why we need another category. CONTACT form We’ll consider your request and if it fits our style and our editorial model, we’ll launch the new category. And by the way, if you suggest a new topic and we agree with you, we’ll also invite you to be a contributing editor for us, even if you haven’t written any articles yet.


  • What should I do if I submitted an article but it was returned to me?


If an article was returned to you it means that for some reason it didn’t comply with our submission guidelines |  SUBMISSION GUIDELINES. Any time that an editor sends an article back to the author they will also include a specific reason why it was sent back as well as very specific instructions on how to fix it. So all you need to do is to make sure your article complies with our simple instructions, and then resubmit it.


  • What if I disagree with a comment that you made when you returned my article?


The only reason that an article would be returned to you is because it didn’t comply with our submission guidelines. SUBMISSION LINK. For that reason, the decision of our editor in these matters is pretty much final. However, if you feel strongly about what you wrote and our response, send a note to the management via our CONTACT form We’ll review your comments, the original article and what our editor said. Quite honestly, we will rarely overturn the decision of one of our editors, but we’ll certainly take a look at it and carefully consider your arguments.


  • Can I publish articles that I write for on other sites or on my own website?


No. Once you submit an article to and we publish it, we own it. If it is published elsewhere, Google will penalize the second publisher for what they call “duplicate content.” The other problem is that we pride ourselves on offering fresh, original articles from a wide range of authors. We do not want to be seen as a website that simply gathers up content from other sources. What you can do however is to publish a short synopsis of your article with a backlink to And by the way, once you publish an article for us, you still receive a byline and full accreditation as the author. We are certainly not taking that away from you. So by linking back to your original article on our site, you’ll still get full credit for the article, plus the reader will see your work in its original glory, along with your bio as well.


  • If you’re not going to pay me, what are the benefits of writing for


There are many benefits, but the first and foremost is exposure. After we publish your first article, you can legitimately refer to yourself as a published writer. And because our site has so much traffic flowing to it, there is the potential for a large number of people to see your work. Of course, you also have the benefit of writing something, publishing it, and seeing your work in a public forum where the rest of the world can see it too. That’s a self-satisfaction issue, and for anyone who wants to write, it’s important. If you are someone who would someday like to write professionally, this is a great place to begin that journey as well. Writers write, and by writing for us, you’ll get into the habit of getting your thoughts and ideas down on the screen, and you’ll improve your writing skills in the process.


  • What should I do if I want to change an article that’s already been published?


Unfortunately, you can’t. Once it’s published, it’s out there. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that the article is just the way you want it before it’s submitted. The reality is that many writers don’t know when to stop. That’s why there are so many unpublished manuscripts out there—the author keeps on tinkering and the work never gets to see the light of day. So when writing for, once we publish it, it’s done. Our advice is that if you feel strongly that you wanted to change something, simply publish another article with us to set the record straight.


  • If I should decide that I don’t want to write for you anymore, how do I end our relationship?


You can terminate your relationship with us at any time. Simply send us a note explaining that you wish to discontinue your relationship with us and we’ll delete your personal information from our files, and remove your personal web page from our site. CONTACT form. We should point out however that your submitted articles—which are our property—might remain on the site, even though you’ve discontinued your association with us. We will make that decision on a case by case basis, depending on the factors involved.


  • Can I refer my friends, family and associates as writers for


Absolutely! In fact, if you refer 10 or more authors who write and publish articles on, we will immediately invite you to become a contributing editor, with your own page on our site. The more the merrier—invite everyone you know. Also, even if there are people who don’t want to write for, just about everybody will love our content. So make sure you send them to the site to see what we’re doing here.


  • How do I change the personal information that I’ve entered on your site?


We are working on providing external access so that you will be able to do this yourself. However, until that feature is ready, you will need to send us a note via our CONTACT form and we will do it for you.