Emotional Things Women Want


Women are generally much more in touch with our emotions than our male counterparts are. That’s a fact of life—and probably biology as well. But that doesn’t mean we’re always happy.


And happiness is a big part of being healthy. When you’re sad or depressed, it’s hard to think about—and do—positive healthy things. So the Emotional Things Women Want is about just that—the emotional things that are missing from our lives. The things that we need in order to be happy.


But these articles aren’t all about missing pieces. Let’s face it, nobody is ever going to be happy all day every day. There are always going to be ups and downs—life has a way of doing that to you. So in order to survive, it’s necessary to cope with things. Sometimes it’s necessary to fill in the emotional gaps so that you can go on and still enjoy the day. Kind of like an emotional “work around.”


Many women have developed sound and workable strategies to deal the emotional deficiencies that come up from time to time. It’s important to share your personal strategies that you use to deal with the occasional emotional challenge because sometimes that’s all it takes to overcome sadness or depression. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of finding out what works for other women, and then applying it to our own lives.


When all else fails though, sometimes it’s great just to sound off. By getting what’s bothering you out in the open—even if it’s done anonymously—you can actually begin the process of solving the problem and filling the emotional need.


What’s really special is that sometimes getting the problem—or the need—out of your head and into the world is all it takes for a solution to present itself. It’s a matter of perspective. Of course, airing the things you want emotionally in public can also open up the floodgates of good advice as well.


Don’t hold back here. If there is something emotional that you want, or just want to talk about, this is the place to do it.


Thanks for joining us here. We want to hear from you. Please share your thoughts and opinions with us.

The Editor

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