Don’t Let Your Age Interfere with Your Relationship

Mature couple on the beach

Don’t Let Your Age Interfere with Your Relationship…….You’re at an age that you’ve done it all and seen it all, but you’re ready to settle down with someone.

As a man, you have the need to find a companion to share a life with, so let’s say you do and the woman you find just so happens to be younger than you.  How do you go about having a relationship without your age dampening it?


Perhaps that’s the question for many men who are on the quest to find love with a younger woman.

How young?  Let’s just say you’re in your mid-forties and she’s just now entering her thirties, you have to realize that there may be some issue as to the age difference. Think about life experiences. Sure, you may have done it all and seen it all, but she may not have. Maturity levels could vary. Let’s not be fooled, men can try to go against the forces of getting old, but it can be very tricky. You will have to do some major getting in shape if you want to keep up with the young woman you’re in a relationship.


Sex is the biggest obstacle you will face in a relationship with a large gap in ages.

You will have to be in good physical shape to keep up with a younger woman’s sex drive. If you fail at having sex multiple times and lack being consistent with it, you’ve lost her already.  This may not apply to all older men, believe it or not, some older men have a sex drive like a teenager and some younger women are unable to actually keep up. Very few men are blessed to have this skill bestowed upon them.


Besides sex, younger women are very active.

You must have the will to travel and go places that are fun and pleasant to go to.  If you’re in the older stages, where you just want to sit at home watching television, a younger woman would not be the right choice for you.  Younger women like to venture out to see and learn new things. If your old behind can’t keep up your relationship may be over before the going gets good.


If you want to date young women, you will have to be young at heart to keep up!!

Not just sex, but every daily task you can think of.  From subjects that you may talk about shopping, Yes!, shopping!  This means you will have to withstand the actual torture of standing and walking hours at a time perhaps holding shopping bags and a purse for your young companion.  May sound funny, but this is what you will have to do if you’re trying to play the young role knowing that you’re a bit older than she.


Older men let their age get in the way of their relationships and often complain about being too tired to do anything at all.

In the bedroom, this would be a nail in the coffin and you can totally forget ever seeing your lovely young female companion again unless Viagra has suddenly appeared in your life.


If you love a younger woman and she loves you in return, then consider yourself lucky.

If you can keep up in all departments, then you have nothing to really become concerned about. There are plenty of relationships happening in today’s society where there are younger women who actually love their older boyfriends. They move on to marry them and live happily until they kick the bucket. In many cases, these women actually stayed faithful to theirs.  Very few happy ending like this happens because the older man in the relationship doesn’t know how to keep it fun and young.  It’s not how old you are, it’s how old you behave. If you cannot hang out at a local bar with your young girlfriend for at least an hour or two without feeling like you need to be at home in bed, then you’re doing just fine.


Just don’t let your age make you feel down and let it get in the way of your relationship… live a little or what’s rest of it. She will love you for it and not what you can do for her!