Do You Fear Talking To Women?

Shy man hiding behind table

If the thought of talking to women terrifies you, then you’re going to have a few issues when it comes to meeting women.

You really shouldn’t be as scared as you are—because women aren’t some mythical creatures you’re unable to communicate with.  They’re people!  Just like you!  If you have basic conversational skills you’ll be able to hold a conversation with a beautiful woman.  I’m here to give you a few tips to help you excel in this task.


The first skill you need to acquire when talking to women is the ability to be approachable. 

What women want is someone with positive energy, and if you have an optimistic disposition then the likelihood of a woman talking to you will increase.  Be positive and confident.  The more confidence you exude the better chances you have of successfully approaching a woman.  Be careful though, you don’t want to act cocky.  If your arrogance comes out when trying to speak to a woman it will be a turn-off.  So keep yourself in check.  When talking to women it’s all about the first impression.


Once you approach a woman in this manner pay attention to how the girl reacts to you. 

If you begin talking to her and she doesn’t seem interested you really should quit while you’re ahead.  Smile nicely at the girl, then walk away.  Don’t think of it as utter rejection, she just wasn’t into you.  If a girl you weren’t into you tried to talk to you at the bar you would react the same way.  Don’t take it to heart.  Think of it as practice for approaching the next girl you’re interested in.


  If you do approach a girl with confidence, and she does respond positively to your advances then you’ve overcome the biggest challenge. 

Now you have the opportunity to make a really great impression.  When talking to a girl you need to keep in mind basic interpersonal communication skills.  Make sure you’re keeping eye contact with her while the two of you are talking.  Eye contact shows her that you’re interested in what she has to say.  If you’re looking around the room while you’re trying to talk to her, she might think you’re scoping out other girls.  Also, pay attention to her body language.  Are her arms crossed?  Is she physically distancing herself from you?  She’s probably not enjoying the conversation.  If she’s touching your hand every once in a while and genuinely getting closer so she can hear you—she’s interested!


Make sure you’re listening to what she’s saying. 

A great way to show her that you are listening is by repeating little things she is saying.  If you know what her name makes sure you say it once or twice within the conversation.  Saying someone’s name makes them feel important in the conversation, and you want to let this girl know that you’re only interested in getting to know her.  A great way to keep the conversation going is by constantly thinking of questions to ask.  Keep the conversation moving.  The questions could be follow up inquiries regarding the topic you’re talking about, or you could even ask her questions about herself.  People love to talk about themselves, and asking her about herself will help you learn more about her.


 It’s really easy to talk to women.

You can even use these skills to talk to coworkers, potential friends, or strangers on the street.  The more you practice these skills on others the better you will be when communicating with women.  Don’t see them as a threatening creature but someone you want to get to know.  If it works out, great!  If it doesn’t, then oh well.  Don’t put so much pressure on a chance encounter with a beautiful girl.