Crowning Queens

Crowning Queen

Celebrating the Women in our Life… One Queen at a Time!

We all know them.  The forces of change, of nature, and perseverance.  The women that not only inspire our lives, but shape our world.  It may be the woman at the grocery store, or the astrophysicist exploring the stars.  It may be the smiling emergency room technician who treats the sick with respect and care.  Or the grandmother who reads stories to the local kids.

In the Crowning Queens column, we’re here to make sure that these lovely ladies wear their crowns with pride.  Each column will feature a new women of renown – someone maybe you know – that deserves not only our respect, but also our love and celebration.  

So who is the regal queen in your life?  Tell us all about her so we can start her coronation!

Crowning Queens-Nikki Johnsen

This week’s nomination comes from one of our readers. She has a queen in her life that truly deserves to be crowned. When I read the email containing the nomination I couldn’t help but get a little teary-eyed. So, without further ado, I bring you the next queen. Nikki Johnsen from Ohio! Keep reading and you’ll find the beautiful nomination from Hayden Johnsen and her sister Tabi Johnsen. “ Nikki is a Gemini Queen. A

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Crowning Queens–Tarana Burke

Last week our Crowned Queen was Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She proved herself to be a fierce woman who fought for women’s rights during a time when women didn’t seem to really have any rights at all. Today we crown an incredibly strong, brave, and empowering Queen. This lady’s light shines so bright for others, especially those going through or that have been through some of the darkest of times. Queen of Week Without further ado,

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Crowning Queens-Elizabeth Cady Stanton

The world is full of incredible and amazing women! Some are well-known for doing great things, achieving accomplishments, and overcoming some fierce obstacles while many are recognized as the “first woman ever” to be recognized, accepted, acknowledged, and be considered an equal in what was seemingly a “man’s world”. James Brown said it best when he sang, “This is a man’s world but it would be nothing Nothing without a woman” I want to make

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