Crowning Queens

Celebrating the Women in our Life… One Queen at a Time!

We all know them.  The forces of change, of nature, and perseverance.  The women that not only inspire our lives, but shape our world.  It may be the woman at the grocery store, or the astrophysicist exploring the stars.  It may be the smiling emergency room technician who treats the sick with respect and care.  Or the grandmother who reads stories to the local kids.

In the Crowning Queens column, we’re here to make sure that these lovely ladies wear their crowns with pride.  Each column will feature a new women of renown – someone maybe you know – that deserves not only our respect, but also our love and celebration.  

So who is the regal queen in your life?  Tell us all about her so we can start her coronation!

Crowning Queens-Nikki Johnsen

This week’s nomination comes from one of our readers. She has a queen in her life that truly deserves to be crowned. When I read the email containing the nomination I couldn’t help but get a little teary-eyed.

So, without further ado, I bring you the next queen. Nikki Johnsen from Ohio! Keep reading and you’ll find the beautiful nomination from Hayden Johnsen and her sister Tabi Johnsen.

“ Nikki is a Gemini Queen. A spiritual healer who believes in the power of essential oils, herbal medicine, crystals, and meditation. Nikki came into my life when I was just 10 years old and assumed the role of my mother. She showed me true unconditional love and support, she taught me what it is to be a mother. Nikki is an inspiration! She has overcome MANY obstacles in her lifetime and never lets the past hold her down.

Nikki helps everybody she can and NEVER expects anything in return. She founded a charity called Daisy Love in honor of her grandmother, Daisy Johnsen. Every first of the month in downtown Columbus, Nikki and her team of volunteers host a pop-up free store to support her community. They offer free clothes, shoes, toys, furniture, you name it! Nikki and her team also give out hundreds of hot meals to those in need.

SHE is what the world needs more of; kind, generous, and compassion. A strong leader and a great mother. Nikki is also a successful real estate agent with Nikki’s Home Consultants. She goes the extra mile and cares deeply for her clients like they’re family. Honestly, she cares about everybody like that. Nikki genuinely has a good heart and beautiful spirit. She deserves the recognition more than anybody I know. She is so loved” ~ Hayden Johnsen

Before I move on with Tabbi’s beautiful statement I wanted to add a little more information about Nikki and Daisy Love. I just had to know more about the Gemini Queen and her selfless acts so I asked a little about that in the interview. More tears followed.

Daisy Love — A Venture in Hope

Daisy Love is a newly founded nonprofit charity named after Nikki’s late grandmother Daisy (I know, I already mentioned that). Daisy inspired Nikki to start her own charity through her very own acts of selflessness. Daisy could see that Nikki just wants to help people and spread love.

Nikki grew up watching Grandma Daisy cook meals for the homeless every Sunday, right out of her own home. She volunteered with the church and was well respected in her community in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Continuing a Tradition of Service

On October 3rd, 2020 the first popup free store was hosted, serving over 100 meals and passing out over 100 bags that included hats, gloves, and snacks.

Throughout the month Nikki and the volunteers gather donations of clothes, shoes, hats, coats, bags, and even home decor. Every month Daisy Love joins with tables and tents to give back to the community in a huge way! I just want to say that this crowning has become a double crowning because Grandma Daisy definitely deserves a crown too!!

It is such a beautiful thing, being selfless. Not only does Nikki run and host the popup store but she has her career with her real estate company and her family that she is sure to spend quality time with.

Nikki, you sound like such a busy woman having your family and career yet you still make time to help others, you are such a queen!

Hayden and Tabbi are all grown up and out of the house but the youngest Bree is only nine, and she thinks the world of her mom and the good work she does. It must be so inspirational to be young watching your mom do amazing things without any expectation.

I think I sense future queens in the making. Hayden tells me that she thinks Bree knows just how lucky she is to have Nikki, as they all are!

OK, let’s take a moment to hear what Tabbi has to include about Nikki the Gemini Queen.

“ Nikki has been a mother figure to me since I was 15. It’s not an easy task to take on a mother role to a teen and a pre-teen but she did it gracefully with her whole heart and never looked back.

I think the world could fall apart and she’d find a silver lining. Although her seemingly positive demeanor is often joked about within the family, we are all intrinsically better because of it! Better people because of her presence in our lives and I believe this stands true for any person that knows Nikki Johnsen.” ~ Tabbi Johnsen

I’m not crying, you’re crying! Ok, I might be crying just a little. Tabbi is definitely right, it can be tough joining a family, but Nikki stepped right in and never turned back. She gave more than 100% and she gives more every day.

Nikki makes sure to take the time with her family, devotes time to those in her community, and her career. That seems like a lot to juggle but she does it without any hesitation whatsoever!

Nikki Johnsen, Gemini Queen, you dear lady have been Crowned. I hope you wear your crown with pride and keep doing all of the good work you do. To the late Grandma Daisy, may she rest in peace, you sweet angel has also been Crowned.

To be such an inspiration in such a huge world is incredible. Letting your light shine bright for others to lead the way is definitely the sign of a true queen. Nikki rock that crown and keep on keepin’ on!

For those of you reading this, if you have a Queen who deserves to be crowned just drop me a line in my email at I love crowning queens. Who’s next?!?

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Carie Igel
Carie Igel (@guest_35)
9 months ago
RatingArticle Ratiing :

Nikki is an amazing woman! Selfless and always putting others needs first. She is a tremendous leader and example for us all.

Elaina Garcia
Elaina Garcia (@guest_36)
Reply to  Carie Igel
9 months ago

She’s definitely a true Queen!!

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