communication is the key to great sex

Communication is the Key to Great Sex!

Many couples wonder how you can make sex fun, sexy, and last. They go through all the trouble in the world buying books, sex toys, and DVD’s, but cannot find the actual answer to having great sex. Some couples may find themselves going crazy trying to figure it out, only to lose themselves in the search process, eventually giving up and the relationship falling apart.

So what’s the key to great sex? The bottom line to having great sex is not found in position books or any sexual pills or toys, but in communication. Something as simple as communication can make or break your sexual relationship. How?

Many couples fail to please each other because; they don’t know how to please one another. The reason being that, they don’t communicate with each other what their likes and dislikes are. To have a successful love life, you have to talk to each other while in the act of having sex with your partner. Some may find this silly or even embarrassing to ask what feels good to the other partner because they’re ashamed that they will get negative feedback or afraid to be seen as if they don’t know what they are doing. The fact is that negative feedback is what you’re looking for and what lets you know what’s not liked during sex. Many people refuse to figure it out and avoid negative feedback from their partner without knowing that they might be doing something that their sex partner doesn’t like, sadly doing it over and over again.

You’ve got to know what makes your partner turned on and what makes them feel good to the point they will climax almost every time. How else would know if you don’t communicate this information to each other? Some men may not tell their women that they don’t like the way oral is being done on them and the same may apply to women who don’t like the way their men are performing orally on them. This is just one example of many things that may go wrong during sex that will make the person either discontinue sex or search for better sex elsewhere. This is where cheating may occur in a spiral to the end of a relationship even marriage.

So how do you communicate to make your sex life great every time? This can be as simple and as fun as talking to each other while having sex. This does not mean dirty talk but take time to explore each other’s bodies to find out what makes it hot and interesting.

Asking questions can be fun and sexy as you figure out what makes both of you explode in extreme pleasure. During different phases, while in different positions or even while touching certain areas, you can ask if it feels good here or there. Your partner will let you know and feel comfortable to let you know what does and doesn’t feel good. This is what you want to know so that you don’t make the same mistakes over and over again, giving your partner dissatisfaction.

Try out different positions and ask them do they like it and how it feels. Continue these steps with everything you try doing while having sex. Even when it comes to trying something new like bringing sex toys in the mix, ask your partner how they feel about it instead of blindsiding them with something they might just despise or be completely uncomfortable with.

Some couples would buy porn just to discover new ways of having sex and they talk while watching it to see what they would try to imitate the next time they have sex. Sometimes they will play “copy-cat” with porn and try out positions in scenes that they may be interested in trying out. Regardless and most importantly, they will communicate through it and tell each other if they are comfortable by doing it or not. This may not be the best option for some couples to communicate, but whatever it takes beats not knowing how to please your partner. Eventually, all the displeasure and not knowing could add up to cost a relationship. Communication is very important in a relationship as well as sex. Communication can help in many ways with a relationship and sex just the same.

Most men run from communication according to many women, but I assure you this is the type of communication that will get their attention. You can have communication in your relationship, but if you don’t have the same kind of communication in your sexual relationship, it will all fail. Are you sexually communicating with your lover?

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