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Communication Is the Key In Any Relationship

Boy playing with his girlfriend

Boy playing with his girlfriend

There’s a saying that, in a relationship love cannot last without trust, this may be true but there’s a key and main ingredient that a relationship needs in order to survive.  Love and trust are important indeed, but it will all fail without communication,

A couple will fall apart immediately without communicating.  You can have all the trust and love in the world but if you cannot communicate to tackle daily life issues, then the result will be a break up or if you’re married a dreadful divorce.

Some think that communicating with your mate is like reporting to them, but it’s nothing like that. When it comes to communicating, you’ve got to know how to discuss things any and everything. Each could be of value to your relationship.  

Handling financial matters between couples is one of the most important things to discuss, when you are living together.  There’s no such thing as “my” in a relationship, it all turns into “our” like it should be when a couple decide to live together or marry.

If communicating with each other fails in terms of financial matters, it will cause a major damper and in turn, causing arguments and eventually diluting the relationship. Not all communication is about financial matters and it’s not the only thing communication is about so don’t get it confused.   

Couples need to know how to sit down and talk, maybe over dinner having a glass of wine talking about how work went and maybe a little gossip and some jokes. This keeps your communication open between the two of you and it’s therapeutic for the relationship. 

There are couples that actually live and treat each other like they’re best friends and in many cases, they actually are.   They cannot wait until they get home to talk to each other and spend time talking and laughing. Communicating can be fun!  There’s actually an understanding between couples and this can be very helpful to the relationship. Being able to discuss any and all matters with each other, without being judged or blamed is an awesome way to relate with each other.  Finding ways to solve issues, no matter how big or small they are while, actually successfully solving them together is what is all about and what counts.

Any relationship with an open communication system will be on the path of success for as long as the couple keeps the desire to talk and speak their minds and ideas without any retaliation or backlash. Most important thing to do is to find the right mate who you can relate with and has the understanding with you and respects your opinions and is willing to compromise to make things mesh and work. Without someone who is willing to help and understand the importance of communicating to survive and make the relationship work, will only come down to the failure of the relationship.

Not communicating can be nothing but a headache and a waste of time for the both you, if communication attempts are not implemented.  There’s nothing more devastating than a relationship gone down the drain just because two people could not talk and communicate amongst each other. Trust and love can go a long way but not too far without communication.  You can’t say you love someone without saying it and you can trust someone without loving them. I guess you can get the point being made here.

Communication is a way of life, how things work in our daily way of living.   Without it there would be nothing but chaos and misunderstandings.  Could you imagine a world without communication?  Total mayhem and destruction would be the scenario. In many cases we have seen these dooms days happen right in front of us.

This is just a few examples of relationships without communication.  You cannot show love without communication and communication and love goes hand in hand with trust.   All of these important things need each other to make a relationship work but without communication keeping all together it will sure kill a relationship, love, and trust.

Talk about love, trust, issues, topics, anything, but keep communication open with each other.  You will notice that your relationship will last longer than ever, and will outlast other couples who will fail at communicating.

Bottom line… communication is the key.  Use it and you’ll see the difference.

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