Communicating In The Language Of A Woman

Communicating with women

When it comes to communication and women, men are often found to be ignorant on the subject.

This stereotypical assumption is placed upon men mainly by women and for a silly reason(s). One of the main reasons is usually due to the fact that men just can’t say the right things or what a woman wants to hear.


Women seem to have their own language when it comes to communication.

They want you to say what they are already thinking; which is nearly impossible. Women change their minds repeatedly about their stance on any given subject and this often happens often. It’s a tough challenge to say the right things to a woman.


I know many men tend to give up on trying communicating with their women.

For some men, it is sickening to think of the outburst, arguments or silent treatments that may follow if the wrong thing is said. It just shies you away from opening your mouth at all; rightfully. Once you decide to just keep your mouth shut and agree, that is the wrong thing to do as well. Then she is getting together with the girlfriends and discussing how you just refuse to talk to her and your relationship lacks communication, blah, blah. Unfortunately, guys, it’s just the nature of the beast. Your problem will never be completely eliminated but, there are “tricks of the trade” to ensure you have a standing chance in the communication battle you seem to be involved in.


If you really want to hit things off with her, start a conversation up surrounding an area of life she has recently mentioned; the house, kids, budget or anything else she may have spoken about. This will not only show initiative but, that you do not really have selective hearing (for which she also assumes). She will ultimately be stunned and as a plus, this conversation may be shorter than you originally expected, as she is lost for words at the present time (sorry guys, not saying this works on every woman).


To keep from getting the UGH! or silent treatment from her, try giving her long-tailed answers.

Stay away from the one-word answers that you may normally give her. If she asks you what you want for dinner, reply with a suggestion or in turn asking her what she is in the mood for, as opposed to the traditional “I don’t know”.


Communicating with a woman is actually pretty simple.

It is also pretty easy to know if you are on the right track. As slick as they’d like to think they are, women are bad about wearing their thoughts on the outside. They are not as good as men when it comes to keeping a tough exterior. If you say something wrong, you can generally tell by her body language and look on her face. This allows you a little clue into if you are on the right track with them.


Women are not as difficult as men think.

They are merely tricky and each one a bit different. Communication in general with her should always be open and honest. No!, you don’t have to lay on a couch and spill it all, you simply need to keep each other up to date on daily happenings in life. After all, that is why we choose to be with someone right?


Women tend to have their own thought processes and generally already have the answers to their own questions.

A simple validation is generally what they are looking for when communicating. It’s a simple matter of letting the man, be the man.


Communicate as best you can with any women.

All circumstances are ultimately different pending the particular women you are dealing with but, most women just want you to partake in a conversation with them. Learn their language and use it with them; it will make life a lot sweeter!