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Well, many, many years ago when women were aimlessly wondering through the fashion world, someone came up with a fantastic idea to make fashion more exciting, more fun and more rewarding. That someone was Carole Jackson and in 1980, she helped to change the way we look at fashion and ourselves. She wrote a book called Color Me Beautiful. On the cover as well as the second page, she states “discover your natural beauty through the colors that make you look great and feel fabulous !!”. The book is divided into two parts and each part has seven chapters. Part 1 is “Find Your Colors — Find Yourself” and Part 2 is “Put It All Together”. It helps you discover the magic of the right colors for you depending on your skin and hair color and categorizes you according to the season on the year. So you are either a Summer, a Winter, an Autumn or a Spring. The book teaches you to find the power of color and what color power can do for you.

          So, with those tidbits of history, let me say “I TOTALLY AGREE”. Color can make or break an outfit. Color can influence your mood, your happiness and your success in any part of your life. Color can be the most positive part of an important job interview. Color can help Mr. Wonderful think you are the most beautiful woman in the world. Need I say more? Well, I could talk for hours and days about the importance of color but let’s see what we can get into a few paragraphs.

          For starters, I need to make a couple of important points:

  1. The main area of color concern & the accents are from the waist up. This doesn’t mean that a hot pair of zebra pants, a lime green or neon pink skirt or a “fab” pair of leopard pumps isn’t important or a focal point.
  2. The color of the hair, the eyes and the skin determines what colors are just right for you. This is why you focus on the area(s) from the waist up.

          Try this  — when you are up close to someone and talking to them, doesn’t your peripheral vision see their hair, their necklace & earrings, the color of their top, jacket, etc.? Then when you are at a distance, you notice more of the complete outfit from top to bottom. But something usually catches your eye — the bright red jacket, the gorgeous scarf, the great boots or shoes. There is always, or at least should be, a magnet to every outfit. Most of the time, it is not the item itself —– it is the color.

          Have you ever put an outfit together and from morning to night you got so many compliments? Sometimes that happens intentionally or it can by accident. You’ve got it all together and just as you are leaving your bedroom you remember a scarf that would enhance your whole package. You throw it around your neck or under your jacket lapel and Poof!! it totally makes the outfit. You get to work or you are just out with friends and here come the compliments — one right after the other. That scarf, that necklace, that camisole, that top or blouse was just the right color to complete the outfit and be the magnet that you did or didn’t even know you were looking for.

But I bet you anything it had to do with color.

          Color is internal as much as it is external. Haven’t you ever been at home or in a store and you try on a certain color and you get goose bumps or a tingle and your eyes widen and you take a deep breath because what you see in the mirror makes you feel not only pretty but also “mahhh-velous”!!! You push your shoulders back and cock your head and that beautiful air of confidence falls on you from head to toe. It is an attitude. That is what color can do. It is magic when you let it work for you.

          You have to trust the mirror. Whether at home or in a store, hold the item up around your neck and see what you and even someone else thinks. Speaking of mirrors, I much prefer a full length mirror to a vanity bathroom mirror. You need to get the whole picture and not just from the waist up. Sometimes that item can change the look of the entire outfit so you have to see the entire you to make that decision. Depending on your age, you will learn your colors and their shades as you shop. The more you shop and try different colors you will know what works for you and what you feel comfortable wearing. Be prepared to ask for and get as well as welcome outside opinion —— both male & female. Remember — approval is more important for you than it is for others. Does that color empower you and your outfit? Will wearing this color make an impact as to how others see you? Are you at your best and feel your best in that color? 

          In the beginning I mentioned that the colors that you wear are determined by your hair, skin and eye color. So another tremendous influence of your appearance is the color(s) you use on your hair, skin and eyes. In these areas, it’s all about shade and tone. If you are a blonde, is it the right shade for your skin color? Is your makeup and blush the right shade for both your skin and your eye color?  Does your eye shadow(s) and eye liner compliment your eyes and enhance your skin color? This area is so-o-o-o-o important !!! This is where we look right at someone, how we communicate and, usually, the first area we observe. You can’t avoid or eliminate noticing that area from the neck up. That’s why our eyes are where they are and not on our knee caps !!! Don’t make the mistake of having a fabulous outfit and then not properly completing it by wearing the wrong lipstick, eye shadow or hair color. The right color, shade or tone is magic. The wrong one of these is disastrous.

          Another great thing to try is to be super observant of others. Just look around and you will notice something about someone that really gets your attention. You like their outfit, you like how they have accessorized it, you observe how complimentary their hair and makeup is and how all of this together makes such a great package. I’ll bet you anything that what drew you to notice that person had something to do with color. I promise that 9 out of 10 times that will be the magnet because color — the right color — is so dynamic.

          Finally — if you are not comfortable with making the right selections, find a great sales person in every store that you shop in and get some advice from them. They see the inventory constantly, they stock items every day, they do store displays, they will run across the store to get something that will be just the right color and make your outfit. Do not be afraid to ask for help in any part of life but especially when developing or working on your appearance.

          Remember, as children we were dressed by someone else who wanted us to look cute and adorable and get lots of compliments as to how special we looked. There is no difference when we get to be an adolescent and an adult. As females, we want to look great and get compliments. So when the magic of color allows you to color yourself beautiful, you will LOOK good, FEEL good and LIVE good.

And that, ladies, is a beautiful thing.

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