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Why Punctuality is Important

Being on time says a lot about a person. When dating comes into play, punctuality is key. I’m speaking to both men and women here. If you’re running extremely late for a first date you’re not going to be making a very good impression.

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How to Improve Your Social IQ

Yes, we all have a social IQ. Believe it or not, we are often judged based upon this and there is certainly no exception when it comes to dating. In fact, the judgment may be a bit harsher when it comes to the dating scene. The worst part about it is that many of us never realize just how socially awkward that we really are.
When it comes to meeting new types of people, we can often be disgustingly surprised as to how socially off balance we might be. Women often rely on a man’s social intelligence when making a decision as to whether they want to begin dating them or not. Your sociability is crucial when it comes to landing the woman of your dreams.