Can Fashion Be Compared to Real Estate

Can Fashion Be Compared to Real Estate?

Hey, what is the mantra of real estate? It is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. That is a good philosophy and is useful in a variety of areas — where you work, your favorite restaurant, shopping, sex, and, oh yes, fashion!!! Think about it. Where you put what you wear can make or break your appearance. Let’s talk about this, shall we?

Location is important. Now, if you are a tall, lanky, perfectly aligned model type, you probably don’t have too many concerns. But how many of us are like that? 

There is a saying, “The Lord giveth and taketh away.” Well, the right item in the right location can give attention to one area while taking it away from another place. Let’s use a scarf as an example. Most scarves are worn in the neck and shoulder area. Regardless of the color, the length, or how it is worn, it is drawing attention to the upper body. And if you are focusing on the upper half, you are reducing your attention to the lower half. 

Okay, ladies, let’s admit that the lower half is a real pain in the rear, and that is an area of concern to most of us. So let’s do everything we can to take away from the Terrible Threes —- tummy, butt, and thighs, and bring the eyes up to focus on that great scarf, those cool earrings, or that fantastic hair. See how this works?

Location and the Importance of Color

Another part of the location that is important is color. There are so many factors that go into this: skin color, hair color, length & style of hair, body size (small/large breasts, wide/narrow shoulders, mid-riff bulge, etc.). Some colors draw attention to that location, and some diminish the attention given to others. 

A great example is black pants. OMG! What would we do without them? Life would be so incomplete! There are so many places we could not go and things we could not do without our beloved black pants. So why do we wear black or at least dark pants 95% of the time rather than white, beige, khaki, or a bright color such as red, hot orange, canary yellow, wild lime green?

Dark colors diffuse that area of concern, as previously mentioned– The Terrible Threes– but you then can put your color (hot pink top) and accessories (print scarf and big earrings) on the top half and draw attention to that LOCATION. Remember, we “giveth” to one area to “taketh away” from another one. Get the picture?
Location can have other magnets or those things that attract to one area to distract from another place. A beautifully decorated purse carried on your arm or your shoulder, or a super pair of leopard shoes or boots are examples of great magnets in just the right location.

Don’t forget two critical fashion rules:

1. The mirror has to be your best friend.
2. What you see is what they see.

Once you get the “package” all put together, take a good look in the mirror and make sure you like what you see. What you see is what everybody else sees. Make sure you like the location of everything. Start at the top and work your way down. The big question is “Are all my magnets in the right place?” If so, those compliments will be flowing!!!!

Thanks, ladies! And remember Freeda sez ——–


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