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Ho’ oponopono: The Practice of Forgiveness and Self-Healing

Ho’ oponopono, pronounced Ho-po-op-pon-no, is an ancient spiritual practice, that is indicative of those living in Hawaii but originated from the Polynesian islands, of the South Pacific.  Formally, a carefully guarded secret, Ho’opnopono (Huna) was a traditional form of “cleansing” only administrated by spiritual shamanism. Used once only by kahuna Lapa ‘au Kahea, one who heals with words and chants, now centuries later, the practice is available for all to share!  So why should we do it?

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female masturbation

Understanding Self Intimacy: Breaking the Stigma of Female Masturbation

The female orgasm is a magical unicorn. It lasts longer than its male counterpart, and don’t necessarily have a recovery period like men, allowing for multiple, rolling orgasms that feel earth-shattering. But even through these orgasmic blessings, many women haven’t discovered the untapped potential of their bodies. Masturbation reduces stress, increases confidence, and helps you get to know your body better. Unfortunately, the female orgasm has been badly neglected by both society and the media.

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Nip Tuck and Needle

Nip, Tuck And The Needle

As a well-known makeup artist and beauty author, I’ve received numerous requests to write an article regarding nip, tuck, and the needle. Let me begin by stating that I wholeheartedly endorse plastic surgery and injections, provided they are kept in perspective. Without mentioning names, we all know who has gone overboard. They’ve walked away looking like a cartoon character, or in extreme cases, unrecognizable. If going under the knife or having your fix of injections

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Beauty and the Bush

A naked woman is a good thing. But everyone has their own militant ideas of what a bush should look like. It’s more than enough for women to worry about a bad hair day, breaking a nail, or looking fat on date night. Now women can’t help but wonder what a man might think of how her cooch is groomed—or ungroomed. A Matter of Personal Choice — And Pleasing Others While some women prefer to

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Women’s Hygiene: True Care For Your Fancy Bit

Our lady parts are known by many names, but regardless of what you may call it, the vagina needs special care. A healthy vagina is a happy vagina! (Yes, I just said that!!)  When was the last time you took a walk down the feminine hygiene products aisle? And, I mean look at the massive amount of products out there for a woman’s fancy bit. We don’t need all of that mess in our life,

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Why Sleeping in Separate Beds is Bringing Couples Closer Together

Many people think that was if a couple sleeps separately, it means they’re having problems. But that’s far from the truth. Sleep is extremely precious – it’s hard to be happy when you’re not well-rested. Without it, we turn irritable and unsatisfied. Our perception of reality becomes distorted, and our body literally starts shutting down. If we’re not taking care of our sleep lives, then our love lives will suffer accordingly. Sleep is Vital —

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Learning to Love Every Inch: Body Positivity

“Body Positivity” has been a buzzword over the past few years, but many people still aren’t quite sure what it means. Boiled down, it’s a form of physical self-love. For baby boomers and Generation X, accepting your natural self can feel completely foreign. Decades ago, we weren’t as forward-thinking as we are now when it comes to body image and embracing diversity. Women have been told to stay small and shrink themselves to make room

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