Being the Other Woman

Woman with black hat and black dress

Being the Other Woman……….I am the woman who you don’t know anything about, being second is my duty.  When you slack with your man, that’s when I step in to do my best to please him and give him what he needs. It’s not easy being second but, when you make it easy for me; I feel like I’m first and foremost.


You can call me a whore or a home, but the fact is that you’re the one who mistreated your man and gave him sorrow. I instead uplifted him and made him feel like the man that he is. I maybe the woman on the side but, that is quiet alright with me, I know that I will get my attention and what I need when I need it because I’m wanted. Why else do you think he keeps coming back to me?   I fulfill his fantasies and I give him what he wants when he wants it while you’re dealing with a headache I’m dealing with his “head”.


Being the other woman can have its pros and cons, but it can be exciting and never dull.  When I’m in an affair with a married man, I know I don’t have to deal with him all the time.  Only when I’m desired and I get what I want in return.  A wife can beg and demand things from their husband but with me everything comes without even asking.  I’m treated like a queen though, it should be the way a wife should be treated, but when they complain and argue all the time to their husband, I get all the spoils.


He will have to go back home and I don’t have to deal with any issues, when it’s my time to be with him everything is great and fabulous each and every single time. 

I know my place, I know when to call or not call, when to speak and not speak, sometimes hot passionate sex is all that he wants to release the stress of daily life and that’s what I will give him with no complaints.


While you’re letting your well run dry, I’m filling mine up with your water being brought to me in buckets by your husband.  I know my role, when I see him with his wife in public; we’re like total strangers… don’t know each other. That one glimpse is our signal on what to do and how to react without giving ourselves away.


Women may hate me and say that I have no morals, but it doesn’t matter to me.  What wives fail to realize is that they’re the ones who failed and literally send their husbands right into my arms. I’m the one who appreciates them and their time with me.  I praise him and everything he does.  I tell him things he wants to hear and when it comes to sex, I give it to him when he wants it, how he wants it, and where he wants it.


Everything I do for him is perfect and I can’t do any wrong because, you’re the wife are the one who’s going to make do that for me it all wrong. I may chuckle and laugh about it because, it’s silly to me how a good man can come to me for love and comfort when he supposedly has everything he needs at home.  When he said “I do” you turned into an “I don’t” making it easier for me not to feel guilty or him because, we just need love and attention.


Making him feel good is my specialty, whereas you being the wife lack at.  When he walks out the door and he’s gone for hours after an argument, guess where he is at?  Be for real though, you can’t blame a man or me for wanting what you’re not giving him, love, sex, praising, and attention.


Its funny how being the other woman can be something special but, women or wives see me as a threat or a whore.  This is not the case, if a woman handles her business as a wife and takes care of her man in every way and in every department without the constant nagging and complaints then, they shouldn’t have to worry about their husbands coming to me for the opposite.


The question is while you’re worried about me taking other women’s men, is you handling your business at home with your husband or is he out with me?