Beauty and the Bush

A naked woman is a good thing. But everyone has their own militant ideas of what a bush should look like. It’s more than enough for women to worry about a bad hair day, breaking a nail, or looking fat on date night. Now women can’t help but wonder what a man might think of how her cooch is groomed—or ungroomed.

A Matter of Personal Choice — And Pleasing Others

While some women prefer to do what they like, others may try to figure out what their guy likes before they sleep with him. Or the trendy types may go by what’s in vogue.

Just like fashion, pubic hair—or lack of—goes in and out of style. If you think hairless crotches are something new, do your research. Bald eagles date back to the days of Cleopatra, where women used pumice stones, tweezers, and creams to get rid of the hair. [Reference 1].

Full bushes came into play during the Middle Ages and Elizabethan era and it was in 1946 when the bikini was first revealed and set the stage for women to “clean up down yonder” with a razor. [Reference 2]. But by the 1960s and 1970s, coinciding with women’s liberation the full bush—and even unshaven armpits—were in vogue.

A Modern Take On Bush Beauty

Throughout the mid-1980s, 1990s, and well into the 21st-century women were trimming again, and many opted for completely bare. They either did it themselves or went for bikini waxes. You had styles called “The Hitler” and “The Landing Strip.” There was also vajazzling—adorning the pubic area with crystals and glitter.

Since 2000, when Carrie Bradshaw was stripped completely of her public hair on an episode of “Sex and the City,” women bragged to each other about having “a hardwood floor.” Some men absolutely loved it. Others claimed their ladies looked like plucked chickens. Or said it was “gross” because the women looked like little girls. They longed for women with bushes—sexy women who looked like women. Nevertheless, for the most part, a full bush remained “uncool” for decades!

But, according to Elle, the bush was about to make a comeback in 2019. [Reference 3]. Perhaps for mainstream housewives, but movers and shakers were rocking the bush long before that. Musician and artist, Amanda Palmer released the song “Map of Tasmania” in 2011 defending a woman’s right to sporting pubic hair. Underground erotic photographer, Richard Kern, who photographed women with bare—and pierced—crotches in the mid-1990s was photographing women with full bushes since at least 2013. And rom-com movie star Cameron Diaz openly spoke about having pubic hair in 2014.
So, what’s up for 2021?

According to a recent article in It, [Reference 3] the bush is back! When beauty salons re-opened last summer after lockdown, waxing appointments were somewhat lacking. Model Ashley Graham spoke publicly about not caring about the pressure to shave, that it’s her preference and her partner’s preference. Women in general are caring less about trends and more about accepting their authentic selves.

Making Progress — But More is Needed

Yet, we still have a long way to go. Like politics, what goes on between a woman’s legs is not something everyone is going to agree on. I’m an open-minded woman who can go either way. While a full bush is visually pleasing to the eye, a bare freshly shaven crotch feels so smooth and sexy against cotton underwear.

A male friend once commented to me how wonderful a woman smells, naturally, when she doesn’t shave. Yet another male friend liked it bare—and bare only. He demanded that women he slept with shave, or he wouldn’t be turned on.

You also have “below the belt shaming” among our own kind. Women will straight out tell each other that pubic hair is “unclean” or that a bare crotch is “ugly.” Ouch! How can we expect men to support our decisions when we can’t even support each other?

My take is that it’s 2021 and we should all be more open-minded towards each other’s choices. And think about it…whatever your preference is, someday you may not have that choice. For those who prefer hairy, things like medications and menopause may change that. For those who prefer a bare bush, someday you might be in a situation where you’re unable to groom as you like. Growing old means you may not be able to bend as you used to. It can happen and shaving your crotch will be the least of your worries.

So, let’s stop complaining about pubic hair, or lack of it, and just enjoy being naked. Let our men or women be surprised when we take off our clothes in front of them for the first time. If they’re really into you, they’ll love what they see—trust me.

Life is too short to worry about what’s in style or what others think. Many have finally come to an agreement that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Now can we please come to agreement that so do all vaginas?


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