‘IMPOSSIBLE’ Not Just Another 10 Letter Word

The word “impossible” is a hard word to comprehend. It can mean different things to different people and doesn’t even exist in the vocabularies of the greats. But for most of us, these 10 letters don’t just create a word, yet, a loss of hope; a cold denial or a heart-wrenching rejection. In contrast, the aforementioned group of determined and motivated individuals see the word “impossible” as simply a synonym for “challenge”.

Everyone reacts differently when they’re told they’re not good enough or that they can’t do what they desire. Whether the rejection is regarding finances, a struggling marriage, or an illness that’s winning – the strongest beings are wired to believe that somehow, someway, something can be done to beat the odds. Unfortunately, under the thin veneer of stoicism is a ball of terror that dwells deep within their gut. For the determined, this fear fuels their drive to succeed – they thrive on it. I used to be one of these people.


Forgiveness: it is something that is taught in spiritual writings, spoken of in churches worldwide, and considered the rarest of gifts. A simple three syllable word composed of consonants and vowels – but we all know it’s so much more than that. From the get-go, we teach our kids about it and we try our hardest to act as their example of how to obtain it but it’s not always possible.

What we can’t teach them how difficult it can be to forgive someone who has caused you pain.
Of all the words, ‘forgiveness’ may be one of the most difficult words to spit up when the appropriate time calls for it. There’s no question about it: the more we love somebody, the harder it is once certain lines have been crossed and hurtful words said; once they’ve seemingly thrown away our trust and stomped on our heart.