Am I too old to have my first bi-sexual experience?

Am I Too Old to Have My First Bisexual Experience?

You know, they say that as we women age, we tend to hit our prime.

Yep, that’s right… hitting fifty is like getting the winning ticket to regain your youth. No, sex won’t make you younger, but it sure keeps your heart ticking.

Some of us assume that when we hit our prime at fifty and sex becomes a large part of our life again, that it is strictly between a man and woman. This is where things can often get tricky and often leave some women confused and frightened. Times have certainly changed from our younger days, and well, this is why the thoughts of being with another woman may frighten us.

When it comes to having an increased sex drive and naughty thoughts,

it is not uncommon for women to start thinking about another woman’s body and what they may feel like. Some women push those thoughts and feelings down because they feel as though they are too old or like their husband would never go for it; after all, he is so old fashioned. The problem is, we tend to shy away from anything new at our age. We automatically assume that we shouldn’t or cannot do something, so we live with the thoughts of it, and that’s it.

When we tend to ignore things we want to partake in, we create a mess of things to come in our relationships. We aren’t true to ourselves, nor our partners by keeping these types of feelings bottled up. Merely talking about these things can often make them subside, or you could even find yourself with the opportunity to live out your fantasy. After all, there was once a time in your life that you wouldn’t have held back anything you wanted to pursue whether someone liked it or not. Why are you so conscious now? Has your age changed who you are that much? I sure hope not.

Turning fifty is an exciting time in life. The years following that fiftieth birthday are even more exciting. You are in your prime versus the end of your life. Now is when you have the chance to run wild and free. It’s never too late to discover what a bi-sexual experience may do for you. If you feel as though you want to do it, go for it! Surely, those double digits aren’t stopping you; they didn’t in your twenties!

Now you are more experienced and understanding of what is needed with each touch, kiss, and penetration. No one understands what another woman needs more than you do.

No one is saying that you have flipped the script on your life; you’re simply just curious. You may be surprised to know that more than a few women have the thoughts as they age. The problem is, no one talks about it. Everyone is so wrapped up in what others think they should be doing and saying rather than fulfilling what it is they desire for themselves. You want to feel another woman’s breast and other body parts against yours, DO IT! Quit making excuses!

Sure, the thought of approaching another woman about this type of experience may not be easy, but it’s possible! You are the only one holding yourself back, so quit! Look around, talk to others, and read up on the subject. You will see that you are just as normal as the next person. There are plenty of people with the same desires as you but are too scared to pursue.

The bottom line is you are never too old to try something that you think you might like. Take a chance.

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