Am I Good Enough?

THAT, my ladies, is the proverbial question! Although I don’t have a certification framed over my door, life experience and observation are a clear path leading up to an equivocal answer.

I believe that it is human nature for all of us to harbor insecurities; however, some of us are better at hiding them than others and more often from ourselves. In other words, not having a true understanding regarding what lies underneath.

Unfortunately, many of us avoid moving forward and put up a barricade that sabotages us from our goals, and in turn, we blame ourselves for not achieving them; hence, begins the pattern! Let’s take a step back and evaluate why we allow these obstacles to hold us back! Chances are they manifested during the course of time and were perpetrated by individuals who are drowning in their own problems and fear. I’ve listed some of the most significant roadblocks in the paragraph below that plague women!

The Common Roadblocks We Face

“I’m too old to compete in the dating world as the majority of men are looking for younger women.” Hell, do you really want to allow the insecure man who needs to be with arm candy or a woman young enough to be his daughter to make you feel bad about yourself? Repeat after me:” I rank up there with fine wine and my lines are a tribute to how ridiculously fabulous I’ve become over time.”

“I’ve already gone through two divorces and am fearful that I will be judged unfairly by potential candidates moving forward.” Rubbish! Most of us have experienced failed relationships be it living together or in matrimony and carrying around the heavy baggage of failure should be thrown in the bonfire of the past.

“I’ve put on weight and am no longer appealing.” Beauty and your dress size remain in the eye of your partner and not all men are attracted to a size two!

“ I am not smart enough and would never be hired for the job as I don’t have a degree from Harvard.” Perhaps you have been brainwashed by those who brag about being a road scholar and their numerous degrees.”

Remember, some of the most successful people in business advanced to the top of their game on the merit of street smarts!

“As I approach my mid fifty’s, I’m fearful that I will be dismissed from my job by a younger employee for a lesser salary and consequently my value has diminished.

Keep your chin up and never doubt the gift that your experience brings to the table!

“I grew up in a poor neighborhood and always felt inferior around worldly and well-educated people and am uncomfortable socializing. Beware of the social climbers who need to flaunt their worldly possessions to make them feel special!”

People of substance couldn’t give a rat’s behind what brand your watch is or how many cars are parked in your garage.

Don’t Allow Fear to Hold You Back!

Don’t allow your fear of failure to play the catalyst in a roadblock posting up big neon stop signs!” The truth of the matter is “we are what we project!” Stop sending out negative messages and learn to believe in yourself AND take back your power.

Write down everything you love about yourself and every goal you achieve! Reward yourself for the little things and forgive yourself for the mistakes along the way! They are the key to learning and the tool moving forward for improving your life. Last but not least, look in the mirror and tell the reflection looking back that you LOVE HER!!!

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