About ThingsWomenWant.com

Things Women Want started with a simple idea.  That you wanted MORE

  • More out of Your Relationships
  • More out of Your Career Goals
  • More Understanding
  • More Insight
  • More Respect
  • and… MORE FUN!!

So we got together with some fantastic people and created a website that is designed just for you, the mature woman.  You won’t find any fluff here – just the stuff that matters to you, and to your life.  We’ll talk about sex.  We’ll talk about your health.  We’ll share our stories of triumph and tragedy, of humor and wit.  We’ll seek out advice for those problems that you face every day, and make you feel celebrated, empowered, and on top of the world.

We feature a team of writers, editors and creators from all walks of life and nationalities.  Our perspectives are engaging, informative, and treat our reader with the respect that they’ve earned through life.  If you want to hear the heartbeat of the world, listen closely because we’ll echo it every chance we get.

We won’t shy away from the subjects that most magazines steer clear from.  Interested in learning about self-defense?  We’ll tackle that subject head on.  Worried that your age may be affecting your workplace relationships?  We understand, and we’ve got some tips to help.  And so much more!

And of course, we’re always looking for a different view, a new take, a new insight.  So if you’re interested in sharing your view, let us know!

And through it all, we’ll help you to smile, laugh, and have fun with life.  

After all – you made it this far, right, why not celebrate with us?