Our interactive media entity is a platform that focuses on “advice for men about what women want” written by women from diverse backgrounds.

Things Women Want covers a variety of topics that will offer advice and guidance for men of all ages to help them to have a better understanding of a woman’s wants, need, and innermost desires all wrapped in an informative and entertaining format.

With the many subject topics we will be covering, bringing our platform to the forefront is something that has never really been touched upon and we here at TWW are so delighted to be the first to set such a precedence.

Now for the fun part. Our show is interactive on various social media outlets, that means, you our fabulous audience, will be able to not only hear us live on our own internet radio talk show network but also share your own experiences live. So many hot topics will be the focal point of our shows, testing new boundaries for discussion and engaging our audience through the live talk show process, and we couldn’t be more excited.

So buckle up and join us on the ride.