5 Great Ways to Express Passion Outside of the Bedroom

Man kissing his woman on a boat

5 Great Ways to Express Passion Outside of the Bedroom………Ah yes; Being passionate!  When most of us hear the word passion, we automatically start thinking about various bedroom activities. What most don’t know is that there are ways to be passionate without including penetration.

 Never heard it being put that way?  Don’t get worried, just because it doesn’t all involve passion, doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it.  The best thing about passion is it doesn’t cost you a thing. It’s free and you are generally free to do with it as you please; pending your partner approves and it’s legal!

Can you remember a time you were ever passionate outside the sack? Whether you do or not, doesn’t mean that you haven’t. In fact, it is likely that you have and just never realized that is what you were doing. Don’t believe me? Just wait, you will see that you show more passion than you think and all of it outside the bedroom.

 Sometimes you’ve got to think outside the box when it comes to passion. Do some of your work in random places, try new things or discover the simple things that show passion to your partner without them feeling the pressures of sex at all. What are passionate ways to show your mate passion without having to be nude or in bed? How?

Here are five great ways to express passion outside of the bedroom that will help you become a Guru of passion!


Simple and gentle caressing. Caressing is one of the most sensual actions that speak volumes without uttering one word. It is also an action that can be performed anywhere (if caressing is in good taste) and can also be done randomly and for no reason at all. Expressing passionate caressing sometimes may spark up a flame for later in the evening.

Flirting. Flirting is one of many ways you can show passion for your partner. A small tap on the rear unexpectedly can show the passion that you have for your mate, with a little fun added to it. It may catch them by surprise, but they will definitely enjoy the attention. You can also text sweet and/or sexy things to let them know that you still feel that passion between the two of you.

Surprises. No, this one doesn’t have to be a six day, seven night cruise. It can be something as simple as a dinner cooked at home by you. It can be a bouquet of flowers sent with a seductive message only for their eyes. Surprises are always great to catch someone off guard and prove to them you’ve still got it.

Hand holding and hugging. A touch by itself can show how much you’re passionate about your partner. Hand holding is also a great way to show affection and passion. Hand holding is also an action that can lead to hugging, which leads to other passionate and simple actions. Hugging is very intimate and it can be extremely passionate.

Kissing. The ultimate act of passion outside the bedroom is kissing. Kissing will allow your partner to feel every passionate thought that you have. You can kiss your mate gently on the shoulders, cheeks, forehead, lips, and even their neck. A simple kiss can divulge a lot about a person’s feelings. You will instantly understand what they feel for you. Kissing also leads to other acts of passion. Try kissing and performing one of the aforementioned actions at the same time and see where that leads you.


You see, being passionate can be just as much fun as getting it on. The acts leading up to a good time are just as enjoyable. If you aren’t into this type of affection, emotion and passion, you don’t know what you are missing!