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Mandi Nowitz

This is one of the more serious articles I’m about to present to you guys. I try to joke around when it comes to discussing sensitive topics, but nothing is funny about STDs.  Trust me, I’ve checked. This article won’t be just about what women want in regards to STD digression, it’s also about what YOU deserve as well.

Be honest.  If you have an STD and you’ve been dating a girl for a while now, it’s time to tell her.  In an ideal world, everyone would be honest with one another.  Sadly, that just isn’t the case.  I just want to go on record saying before you sleep with anyone you should always be honest about your STD.  I know people probably won’t follow this rule, but they should.  You need to especially tell someone you’ve really connected with before you sleep with them.  If she breaks up with you because of it, then the relationship was never meant to be.

Whether you have an STD or not, unprotected sex shouldn’t be negotiated.  Unprotected sex is okay if the two of you are in a monogamous relationship and the both of you have been tested.  Don’t give girls the excuse “sex feels better without a condom”.  We don’t want to hear it.  If she wants you to wrap it up–wrap it up!  In the same respect you need to wrap it up either way.  Use your brain before you start thinking with your other head.  No matter how much she’s begging for it, don’t go in without a raincoat.

Get tested.  It’s not as hard as it sounds.  If you have health insurance you can just go to your regular physician and tell him to give you “the whole she-bangy”.  If you don’t have health insurance hop onto Google and locate your local free clinic.  These facilities don’t just cater to females; they do STD tests on men too.  I’m not going to sugar coat things and tell you getting tested for STDs is sunshine and butterflies.  Women usually need to get bloodwork, a pap, and a pelvic exam.  So suck it up!  Yes, you’ll need to get some bloodwork done, but everyone should get an HIV test at least once in his or her lifetime.  Gonorrhea and chlamydia might just require a urine sample….or a cotton swab shoved up your urethra.

Being in a relationship with someone who has an STD doesn’t need to be a death sentence.  If you really love the person you’re with you’ll be willing to without from sex during outbreaks, or wear a condom every time you have sex.  If the thought of being with someone with an STD is just too stressful for you, then don’t feel guilty. Just end the relationship.  Remember that a relationship begins and ends with your happiness.  The only person you need to spend the rest of your life with is you.  Do whatever you feel is right.

So if something is wrong down there, just go to the doctor and get it checked out.  Be responsible for your sexual behavior.  Yes, you have the right to have the sex life you want, but you need to take responsibility for its consequences.  A responsible partner is one of the sexual things women want.Sometimes sex results in a baby, and other times it results in a herpes outbreak every once in awhile.  Be smart.  Be safe.  Have fun!

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