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Why Punctuality is Important

Things Women Want | Contributor | Mandi Nowitz

Mandi Nowitz

Being on time says a lot about a person.  When dating comes into play, punctuality is key.  I’m speaking to both men and women here.  If you’re running extremely late for a first date you’re not going to be making a very good impression.

When you’re making plans with a woman she needs a certain amount of time to get ready.  After all, she doesn’t want to look bad or make the wrong impression. It’s important to her to be able to plan her time out ahead of time so she can properly prepare for the date.  So the time you give her is very important to the preparation process both physically and mentally. Keep in mind that by altering this time dramatically

you are making a bad impression.  If she’s ready for you to pick her up, and you send her a text five minutes before you’re set to arrive that reads “Going to be an hour late” she’s going to get pissed.  When you show up late to something you’re doing so many things wrong.

  • You’re showing your woman that you aren’t responsible enough to properly follow through with plans.
  • You don’t respect her enough to show up on time.
  • You’re lazy.
  • You don’t really take your time with her seriously.
  • You’re unreliable.
  • You think you’re important, and therefore permitted to show up whenever you want.
  • You’re rude.
  • You don’t respect other people’s time.

These are all terrible characteristics to inherit when you’re late.  Don’t use the following excuses when you are late.  It will only add fuel to the fire.

  • I overslept.
  • I spilled something on myself.
  • I forgot what time we were meeting.
  • You lost track of time.

Once in awhile, lateness is unavoidable.  If you know you’re going to be late for something make sure she knows right away.  For example, if you’re driving to pick her up and you bump into a little bit of traffic (even if you’re still making good time) shoot her a text and let her know.  You don’t know how bad that traffic might be, and you’re covering your ass.  If you oversleep, CALL HER.  Tell her what happened right away and apologize profusely.  She’ll understand if this is the first time it’s happened.  If these sorts of things occur frequently she’ll start to be very annoyed.  Time is money, and if you waste her time she won’t be seeing you very much afterwards.

Being on time is extremely important.  It shows you respect your woman and her time.  Respect is a very important aspect of any relationship, and if you’re on time you’re on the right track.  This is an easy way to treat her with respect.  There is no excuse for lateness.  I chalk it up to poor planning and irresponsibility.  Never waste a woman’s time…especially a woman that is very busy.  If she’s making the time to see you don’t be late.  It’s the least you can do to make her happy.  If you are consistently late then I’m afraid she’s going to kick you to the curb. Punctuality is Important.

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