The Lost Art of The Kiss

Things Women Want | Contributor | Mia Villari

Mia Villari

I’d like to direct your attention to the song sung by the legendary Cher;   How can a girl tell if their guy is into them?  Is it in their eyes? How about their face?  No, shut up and listen to Cher! It’s in his kiss!  When you kiss a girl it solidifies the questions she has running throughout her mind.  A good kiss can tell a girl so many things.  Not only will it hint to her your feelings, but a good kiss also alludes to the success of future sexual activity. So you’ve gone on a few dates, and the two of you like each other.  It’s time to lay one on her.  I’m talking about a big fat kiss.

You’re an adult now (I’m assuming), so that means you need to know how to properly kiss a girl.  The first thing you need to keep in check is your tongue.  We’re not in grade school anymore, guys.  You don’t have to occupy our entire mouth with it.  Instead, keep a majority of it in your own mouth and use the tip to periodically lick your partner’s lip or their own tongue.  Notice.  I said periodically.  Just because we’re French kissing doesn’t mean your tongue has to be involved the entire time.  Think of your tongue as an exclamation point.  Imagine if I wrote every sentence with one! It would look wrong!  It would be annoying! You’d stop reading!  See?  Use your tongue sparingly.

Your lips should do most of the talking for you.  The two words you should keep in mind while kissing your woman are “gentle” and “soft”.  Nothing is worse than a forceful and rough kiss.  Sure, movies back in the 1940s were amazing, and the kisses were intense.  No girl wants her face squashed against yours—no matter how romantic it looked in Gone With The Wind.  Take your time, and savor every kiss you plant on your girl’s lips.

Believe it or not, the placement of your hands also plays a very important role in the perfect kiss.  Of course your arms will be wrapped around her when you kiss her, but is that all?  Don’t keep your hands in one spot for too long.  Feel free to explore.  Depending on the situation you may want to consider a few options on where to let your hands wander.  Are you trying to arouse her?  Let your hands travel all over her body, but don’t fully grab any areas of sexual pleasure.  Teasing around those areas will drive her crazy, in a good way.  If you want to be romantic, the face is the area your hands should focus on most.  Gently trace your fingers along her chin, or slowly sweep her hair away from her face.  Moves like these remind women of movies like Princess Bride and The Notebook.

A kiss is like a dance.  You need to pay attention to your partner’s reactions, and pursue accordingly.  Your mouth shouldn’t be slurping them up every time you go to kiss.  Your hands should be reacting to her body.  A good kiss can go a long way, and I know you have the capability to make your woman melt.

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