10 Ways To Be Intimate With Your Partner

Intimate Relationship

If you have noticed a decline of passion and spark in your relationship, it could be due to a variety of things. One of the most common reasons for the loss is due to loss of intimacy. We provide you with 10 ways to be intimate with your partner. 


Intimacy is a very tricky aspect of any relationship.

It is comprised of love, lust and intense emotional passion. Once the intimacy declines, relationships change drastically and it’s usually a change for the worse.


When it comes to women, intimacy is an important part of a relationship.

Most men tend to associate that of intimacy with sex. While they can be combined together, they are completely different aspects of a relationship. In fact, sex without intimacy can be very plain and unrewarding. Women need intimacy to enjoy sex to its fullest or want to have sex at all. Intimacy is what keeps their fire going in a relationship. It is an emotional closeness between to beings. It is the driver behind the wheel in any type of relationship.


Men often shy away from intimacy because they are supposed to be the strong ones and in complete control of everything, including their emotional state.

Being intimate for a man is equivalent to giving up control and risking too much or appearing weak. Some men simply don’t know how to open their emotional avenues in order to achieve intimacy. The good news; while, it will take work, any man can be opened up to the world of intimacy. It’s never too late to learn.


Here are 10 ways to be intimate with your partner. These will help you to keep that fire alive within your relationship


Make time for just the two of you.

Block out a specified amount of time with no interruptions for just the two of you to enjoy each other. This time should be about the present and future of your relationship and love. Try to keep any talks of bills, children and other outside matters out of this special time. It should be all about the two of you and a reminder of why you two are a powerful force together.


Dates. Remember when the two of you met?

You used to go out to eat, see a movie or paint the town red. While it is understandable that responsibilities often change this in relationships, it’s no excuse to forget that it is possible. Try to set out a day a week or month to go on a date. Get out of the everyday routine, dress up and head out with your love. Let this be a reminder of what things once were and could still be.


Listen. Listening is something both men and women struggle with.

This is often where communication and intimacy are dismissed from relationships. After all, we all know that we are right and there is only one side to a story. Reality supports a different train of thought and often makes it difficult for us to get back where we used to be, but if we plan properly, we can achieve that intimacy that we felt in the very beginning. Try going places you went when your relationship was new.


Go back. Revisit the days that your relationship was new.

Listen to the songs that used to get your heart pumping when together. Watch a movie that the two of you went and seen when something clicked between the two of you. Bring that feeling of intimacy back by recreating a place you remember feeling it.


Communicate. Communication about your feelings is a sure way to be intimate with your partner.

Let them know how you are feeling. Talk about how your feelings have changed and grown towards them. Many people tend to shut their own feelings down if they feel as though their partner isn’t on the same level as them. They will hide or ignore those feelings if they feel as though they will be rejected. This is one of the main reasons intimacy is lost in relationships. Keeping an open line of communication is crucial to keeping intimacy an important part of your relationship.


Ask for help.

While many wouldn’t think of this as an intimate factor, it is. Asking your partner for help with a weakness of your own is huge. First, you are admitting that you have a weakness and second, you aren’t defending your weakness. It shows your partner that you value their opinion, skills, and experience. You trust them and that states a lot to someone. When we tend to defend our own weaknesses too much, it often leads to poor communication and arguments.


Plan something according to what your partner likes.

Think about what it is that your partner likes and plan an adventure or evening around that one thing. This shows your partner that you are attentive and that you listen to them. It is also a selfless act towards your partner.


Comfort. Learn to recognize when your partner needs to be comforted.

Everyone wants to feel as though their partner can tell when they need them without it being said. This is something that brings intense intimacy to a relationship.


Be attentive. We all tend to be less attentive as time goes on in our relationship.

After all, we’ve done nothing but pay attention throughout our relationship, they should know how we think and feel by now. Here’s the problem, the minute someone in a relationship feels as though they get no attention, they assume your attention is being given elsewhere. This can cause nothing but problems within a relationship.


Mind-blowing sex. This involves all of the aforementioned aspects of intimacy.

Set the tone with your actions. Be attentive to your partner in bed, not just yourself. It’s okay to take, as long as you are willing to give back. Intimacy is the key to creating a dramatically passionate and rewarding sexual experience. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had sex a million times with this person, it’s a whole new experience when intimacy is in place.


When it comes to being intimate with your partner, think about more than panties hitting the floor. Think about why you wanted those panties off in the first place. Go back to the basics and start from the very beginning and you will discover ways to sweep your partner off their feet.