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10 Things Women Want Men to Know

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10 Things Women Want Men to Know. Considering men think women are just impossible, we often find ourselves trying to explain over and over again, how truly to understand us. The reality is, women are not from Venus but are from everyday cities just like most men.

While, there are a few that may be a bit harder to understand, I have tried to compile a unique list of random thing’s most women can agree on when it comes to what they want. No matter what race, background, experience or attitude type, most women enjoy many of the same things from their men. My list consists of 10 things women want men to know…

Here is a small list (in no specific order) of some important things women want men to know:

1. Kiss me! It’s no longer 1940. We kiss on the first date these days. As a matter of fact, we hope to kiss on the first date to officially measure how much we like you. While, not kissing on the first date can be exciting as well because the anticipation can be built up for the big kiss; we generally like to get a good smooch in from jump street. Hey, women are humans too!

2. Its okay to let us pay sometimes. Not all women think that a man should come out of his picket continuously. In reality, women work just as hard as men these days and have a grasp of the value of a dollar and how hard they are to come across these days. We don’t mind paying from time to time. Bull headed females like me are all about being independent and showing what we are capable of!

3. Just because we touch you that don’t mean we want your clothes to come off right then and there. Yes, we know men think about sex 99% of the time they are awake (when they sleep too, I know) and many women think about it a lot as well. This doesn’t mean because we caress your cheek that we are making a move to get you in the bedroom. We often touch to show appreciation and love to our men. If we touch you, keep your pants on until you get a bigger signal… we generally give off a more noticeable sign that it’s time. Our kisses shouldn’t lead to a dry humping festival. YUCK!

4. Women are talkers… no, not the yappy, nagging type. We like to talk things out. Problems arise whether in our day to day life or in our relationship. We like to talk about things and understand the proper way to approach. We are not trying to lay you down on a couch and make you open up…actually; many of us don’t want to get that deep in thought all the time. We simply want someone to listen for a moment and help us figure out a course of action to the issue.

5. Its okay to leave a few things at our place. Two things we would love to see left at our place is a toothbrush and deodorant. If you have had the privilege of getting to the point of staying at our place continuously, we would rather have you fresh and clean than you hanging around all day with random smells coming from random places. Please, we can make some room… bring your necessities to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

6. We DO like to have fun in the bedroom. We like to get freaky with our men too. Sometimes, it just needs to be how, when and where we want it. It’s like one of those things if we feel we HAVE to do something; we don’t want to. Let us approach you from time to time… I bet you will enjoy it more too…Spontaneity is what we like… not 12am, 4am, 8am, and noon, after dinner and before bed. Heck, we get sore!

7. Meeting your family is terrifying! Make the process as simple as possible. The old saying of “mama’s boys” is so true. As a mother, no one will ever be good enough for my kiddo so, meeting your mom is only that much worse. We know how she feels. You would think this would be a common ground… not always. Many times, there is a large awkwardness between a mother and her son’s girlfriend. Be gentle with us and ease the situation.

8. We like to hear your opinion about us. Women are full of insecurities in today’s society. Unfortunately, much of it derives from today’s mentality that most men have. Younger and better is what we are so used to seeing men go with. This becomes a major downer in the world of a woman…. Help to uplift us and you will be a happy man!

9. We have male friends. Yes, it is very true that a woman CAN, in fact, be friends with a male and have no physical attraction to him. Just normal friendships that are usually life-long friendships. It’s nice to have a man’s unbiased perspective from time to time.

10. It’s the simple things in life that make us happy. Effort and attention go a long way with a woman. Sure, we love diamonds, but the time and attention from our men mean so much more to us. A little help and some snuggling might just get you what it is that you love so much… sex! Appreciation is what we crave!

While, this is only a small list of things, we would love for men to know about us, these points are all equally important to us. It is also important to remember that not all women are the same, and you should base your attempts on the personality of your woman.

Pay attention, show affection and provide a sense of protection, and you will be the happiest man in the world.

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Rachel Russo, MS, MFT is a Dating & Relationship Coach, Matchmaker, Image Consultant, Author, and Speaker. With a master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Iona College, a BA in Psychology from Rutgers University, and a certification as an Intentional Relationship Coach, Rachel has worked in the dating industry for nine years. Rachel is the author of two books: A Fab Job Guide To Become A Matchmaker and How To Get Over Your Ex: A Step By Step Guide To Mend A Broken Heart Italian American Style. No stranger to using her own personal experience to help others with their love lives, Rachel once participated in a unique social research experiment in which she went on ninety-two dates in one year and blogged about them. From her media interviews on WGN Morning News to The Mancow Muller Show to Men's Fitness and Glamour Magazine, Rachel inspires singles and couples to love their love lives--no matter what their status. Offering personal introductions, specialized coaching, workshops, books, and much more, Rachel has perfected the art of helping people move from heartbreak to ever-lasting love. has voted Rachel one of the top twelve best NYC matchmakers in 2014. Shelli Trung, Founder of, says "Rachel is the "It" girl to watch out for in New York."

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