Help! I’m Insecure Around Men – Part 2

Help! I’m Insecure Around Men – Part 2 So what to do, what to do? What to do about this distinctly romantically triggered distrust of men that leads to insecurity that leads to fleeing that leads to perpetual singleness? The answer, oddly enough, depends on the day. I have also discovered, as with most big […]

Help! I’m Insecure around Men – Part 1

Help! I’m Insecure around Men – Part 1 Men. Those curious creatures with alien bodies and even more alien brains. I was best friends with one of them in kindergarten. I have several of them as close confidantes even now. So why do I feel insecure? Let me clarify – I don’t feel insecure around […]

How to Improve Your Social IQ

Yes, We all Have a Social IQ. Believe it or not, we are often judged based upon this and there is certainly no exception when it comes to dating. In fact, the judgment may be a bit harsher when it comes to the dating scene. The worst part about it is that many of us […]

Dating On the Rebound

Dating On the Rebound There are a lot of people dating in this world and it can be a difficult at times trying to figure out who you are dating and really getting to know them. All of us know that finding someone to get into a serious relationship can be something out of a […]

High End Budget Shopping

High end Budget Shopping It’s only November, but holiday season madness is already beginning. Maybe you’re already obsessing about the perfect gift for that special person in your life. Or maybe you just want to spice up your wardrobe for your holiday party rounds. Either way, here are a few tips on getting some of […]


TABLE MANNERS FROM HELL We’ve trained our dogs and even our cats so now we need to take it to the next level and train our men how to eat properly at the dinner table. For those of you lucky enough to be with a guy who has good table manners, this won’t apply to […]

Using Technology to Enhance your Living Space

Using Technology to Enhance your Living Space At some point my family decided that the kitchen counter was a dumping ground for all electronics in need of recharging. Not only did this pile of plastic, rubber, metal and glass present an unsightly mound but the gadgets were being harmed during my incredibly messy cooking sessions. […]

TV Jam Sessions are Critical

TV Jam Sessions are Critical With the amount of work, volunteering, errands, projects, phone calls, visitors and household chores occurring throughout a given week, I rarely have an opportunity to sit down and watch television before 10pm. However, I like the television playing in the background as I run around the house. The noise is […]

Communication Skills- Do You Have Them?

Communication Skills- Do You Have Them? Communication skills are one of those things that is discussed so widely that we sometimes miss the entire point: what are communication skills, anyway? The ability to get what you want from other people? Talking endlessly about your feelings? Making someone else feel valued and appreciated? Turning a stressful […]

Color Me Beautiful

Color Me Beautiful Well, many, many years ago when women were aimlessly wondering through the fashion world, someone came up with a fantastic idea to make fashion more exciting, more fun and more rewarding. That someone was Carole Jackson and in 1980, she helped to change the way we look at fashion and ourselves. She […]